Summon Forest

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Version 0.22: This article may not be up to date for the latest stable release of Crawl.
Summon forest.png Summon Forest
Level 5
School1 Summoning
School2 Translocation
Source(s) Fen Folio
Book of Summonings
Casting noise 4
Spell noise 10
Power Cap 200
Forcefully intersects a forested plane with this world. It requires open space to succeed. While the spell holds, a spirit of the forest will be called forth, and the trees of the forest will be awakened to deal damage to nearby enemies.

Summon Forest is a level 5 Summoning/Translocation spell that summons a section of forest with a friendly dryad.


Some nearby rock walls are converted to trees. Additionally some unoccupied floor tiles will have trees placed on them (in a way that doesn't break connectivity). Sometimes a pond is created as well. Finally a dryad is summoned, who instantly casts Awaken Forest.

Higher spell power may increase the duration and density of the forest, and will make the dryad stronger.

The spell may only be cast in an open area. At least one square adjacent to the caster must not have any adjacent solid features.

Dryad's hit dice is 5 + <power> / 18, randomly rounded.[1]

The duration of the spell ranges from 12 + <power> / 10 turns to 200 + <power> * 1.5 / 10 turns.[2] The dryad has the same duration.


  • The dryad itself isn't very impressive, but the forest and the snaplasher vines will deal good damage to any monster in the area while the dryad is alive. Note that she has no resistances and is vulnerable to fire. This spell works well with other summons which delay the enemy, while the forest deals damage.
  • If you really need to dig a space and lack better methods, you can hope that it'll turn into a tree and then burn it.


Summon Forest was added in 0.14.