Wand of iceblast

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Version 0.31: This article is up to date for the latest stable release of Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup.
Type Wand
Name Wand of iceblast
Icon Wand of iceblast.png
A magical device which throws exploding shards of ice, partially harming even creatures resistant of cold.

A wand of iceblast creates an unavoidable, 3x3 explosion, much like a cold version of Fireball. This wand is 50% irresistible; it deals 50% cold and 50% physical damage. For example, a monster immune to cold will take half damage from this wand.

Players deal 3d(7.66 + 3.5 * Evocations/5) damage with this wand.[1]

Monsters deal 3d(6 + (30 + HD)/12) damage with this wand.[2]

This wand is mutually exclusive with the wand of roots. Artificers will always begin with 5 charges of iceblast, regardless of which wand is actually generated in the Dungeon.

Tips & Tricks

  • Wands of iceblast fill a unique slot in any Evocations specialist's arsenal, as enemies can't evade the attack or ignore it entirely with willpower. They can be used to finish off a deadly monster, or to kill high EV enemies like boggarts and spriggans. Just be aware that they lack power without much Evocations training.
  • Firing a wand of iceblast point-blank at your foe guarantees you'll be caught in the blast. Use it before engaging in melee, or angle your shot diagonally behind your foe if possible.
  • Monsters aren't willing to blast themselves. Against an Ijyb with iceblast, being adjacent will prevent the wand from being used. (Monsters aren't smart enough to aim diagonally behind.)


  • Prior to 0.30, iceblast's damage was 60% irresistible.
  • Prior to 0.24, monsters couldn't use this wand.
  • Prior to 0.21, wands of iceblast could hold at most 15 charges.
  • Wands of iceblast were added in 0.18.


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    Specifically, you'll deal 3d(14/3 + pow/5) damage, for pow = 15 + 3.5 * Evocations (evoke.cc:189 (0.31.0)). If you have the MP-Powered Wands mutation, then your "pow" gains a +33% boost.
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