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Version 0.31: This article is up to date for the latest stable release of Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup.

Transformations are effects that completely alter the form of a creature's body. Most forms are willingly caused to help the player, but a few bad forms exist.

Useful Info

There are two major types of transformations:

  • Talisman forms: Forms that use Shapeshifting skill. These are permanent, but can be overridden by a temporary form, and manually ended at will.
  • Temporary forms: Includes bad forms and Shadow Form. These forms end after a certain amount of time - they cannot be ended manually. However, they can be ended early by a potion of cancellation and Quicksilver Bolt (the latter leaves 1 turn left on the duration).

Transmutations can cause the following changes, depending on the form:

  • Modify Unarmed Combat
  • Have innate properties, like bonus HP, AC, stats, or resistances.
  • Have a different size or movement speed to your base form
  • Meld certain types of equipment. Melded equipment ceases to have any effect, positive or negative. Melded items are not unequipped, rendering you safe from an artefact's Drain and Contam.

Being in any form will also make you vulnerable to silver weaponry (+75% damage from silver weapons)

Undead creatures cannot be transformed except for Shadow Form. For players, this means that Ghouls and Mummies can never be transformed, while Vampires can only be transformed when Alive. Death Form renders you immune to temporary forms, but you can still use other talismans.

Monsters cannot transform; any transformation effect will instead polymorph the creature permanently.

Table of Transformations

Talisman Forms

Form Skill Melded Gear Offense Defense Resist Other
Beast Form 0-7 Helmet Cloak
Gloves Boots
+0-4 slaying 100% HP - -
Flux Form 7-14 Weapon & shield
Body armour
×66% melee dmg
First hit on foe: Corona
Third hit on foe: malmutate, extra damage
100% HP
+4 EV
- Cannot go invisible
×0.4 stealth
Cannot throw items
Blade Form 10-19 Weapon & shield
15-23 UC base damage
+6 Offhand punch damage
100% HP
Lose 100%-0% AC
from body armour
- Cannot throw items
Maw Form 10-19 Body armour 5 UC base damage
Maw auxiliary attack
100% HP - Heal on kill
Serpent Form 10-19 Weapon & shield
All armour
10 UC base damage
+5 strength
120% HP
9-15 AC
Sets move delay to 1.0
Cold blooded
Dragon Form 16-23 Weapon & shield
All armour
24-33 UC base damage
2 auxiliary attacks
+10 strength
150% HP
12-18 AC
Breathe Fire ability
Sets move delay to 1.0
Giant, Flying
Statue Form 16-23 Body armour
Gloves Boots
12 UC base damage
×150% melee dmg
130% HP
27-38 AC
rPois∞ rElec rN+
rTorm rPetrify
All actions ×150% slower
Sets move delay to 1.0 (slowed to 1.5)
Vuln. to LRD/Shatter
Death Form 23-27 None 9 UC base damage
Melee inflicts slow, drained, weak
100% HP rC+ rPois∞
rN+++ rTorm∞
Siphon Essence ability
Storm Form 23-27 Weapon & shield
All armour
24-30 UC base damage
Electrocution, cleaving
100% HP
12-15 AC
+20-27 EV
rPois∞ rElec
Insubstantial, Nonliving
Blinkbolt ability
Sets move delay to 1.0

Bad Forms:

Form Melded Gear Offense Defense Resist Other
Bat Form Weapon & shield
All armour
1 UC base damage
20% dmg from skill
100% HP - Move delay set to 0.6
No spellcasting
Tiny, Flying
Fungus Form Weapon & shield
All armour
12 UC base damage
Confusion melee
100% HP rPois
Move delay set to 1.0
Cannot move if foe in sight
Pig Form Weapon & shield
All armour
1 UC base damage
20% dmg from skill
100% HP - Move delay set to 0.7
No spellcasting
Tree Form All armour 12 UC base damage 150% HP
20 + XL/2 AC
EV = 2
Cannot move
Cannot teleport or blink
Wisp Form Weapon & shield
All armour
All jewellery
5 + XL/2 UC 100% HP
5 + XL/2 AC
rF++ rC++
rPois∞ rElec
rN+++ rTorm
No spellcasting

Misc Forms:

Form Melded Gear Offense Defense Resist Other
Shadow Form None ×50% melee dmg
100% HP
×50% damage taken
rN+++ rTorm∞
Create smoke when damaged
Drained when damaged
×2 stealth


Talisman Beast FormFlux FormBlade FormMaw FormSerpent FormDragon FormStatue FormDeath FormStorm Form
Bad Forms Bat FormFungus FormPig FormTree FormWisp Form
Divine Shadow Form