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Obsolete: This article refers to an aspect of the game which has been removed. It is retained for historical reference only.
Michael @Michael.png
HP 50 to 50
HD 6
XP 488
Speed 10
AC 0
EV 10
Will -5
Attack1 9 (hit: plain)

Resistances none
Vulnerabilities none
Habitat land
Intelligence Normal
Uses Weapons & armour
Holiness Natural
Size Medium
Type human, human
Flags Unique
Actual spells
A powerful spellcaster, dressed in a long robe.

Useful info

Michael is a weak unique. In 0.6, he was removed from the game.

Spells: Throw Frost, Throw Flame, Magic Dart, Haste, and Invisibility

Tips and tricks

R.I.P Michael