Piece from Xom's chessboard

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Version 0.29: This article is up to date for the latest stable release of Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup.
Type Miscellaneous item
Name Piece from Xom's chessboard
Icon Piece from xom's chessboard.png
A shimmering multi-coloured chesspiece belonging to Xom, god of chaos. When moved a glimmer of chaos from some cosmic game is imposed upon the battlefield. This glimmer afflicts a random foe with one of the following: haste, invisibility, might, corona, slow, paralyse, confuse, malmutate, petrify, or sleep.

Evoking a piece from Xom's chessboard, in the spirit of Xom, allows you to cause a random effect[1] on a random monster within LOS. Even though it favors negative effects, you should always stay careful by being far away and having an escape plan. Your Evocations skill will increase the duration of the effect - positive or negative.

Effect Probability
Haste 5%
Invisibility 5%
Might 5%
Corona 10%
Slow 15%
Malmutate 15%
Petrify 15%
Paralyze 10%
Confuse 10%
Sleep 10%

The chesspiece has 15 charges, and will recharge only when you gain experience. Carrying multiples is no more useful than carrying one, since charges are shared between all pieces.

Cheibriados dislikes this item, as it may cause haste. You'll only lose piety if you get the haste effect; 95% of the time, you won't, but you can't control where or when (other than simply not using the chesspiece). Zin dislikes any of the random effects.

King Queen Knight Bishop Rook Pawn Thimble
Xom's king.png Xom's queen.png Xom's knight.png Xom's bishop.png Piece from xom's chessboard.png Xom's pawn.png Xom's thimble.png


  • This item was reintroduced in 0.27, replacing the wand of random effects. Compared to the wand, the chesspiece can not produce any directly damaging effects. It also has a random target.
  • Pieces from Xom's chessboard were considered for inclusion in 0.18, with a completely different effect. They would have you swap places with monsters, which had a chance to confuse them. It could backfire and instead cause a random bad Xom action.


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