Plane Rend

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Version 0.28: This article may not be up to date for the latest stable release of Crawl.
Summons some of the greater threats from one of the Pits of Slime, the Elven Halls, the Vaults, the Crypt, the Tomb of Ancients, or the Realm of Zot; the specific branch varies with each cast of the spell.

Plane Rend is a monster-only spell which summons 1-3 monsters from one of the following randomly selected branches, with each branch being of equal likelihood. Its summon cap is 6.

Branch Monster, chance in branch cast[1]
The Slime Pits J Rockslime.png Rockslime 35.71% J Acid blob.png Acid blob 35.71% J Slime creature5.png Titanic slime creature 28.51%
The Elven Halls e Deep elf sorcerer.png Deep elf sorcerer 38.46% e Deep elf high priest.png Deep elf high priest 38.46% e Deep elf blademaster.png Deep elf blademaster 23.08%
The Vaults 9 War gargoyle.png War gargoyle 45.45% p Vault sentinel.png Vault sentinel 36.36% p Ironbound convoker.png Ironbound convoker 18.18%
The Crypt V Vampire knight.png Vampire knight 35.71% W Flayed ghost.png Flayed ghost 35.71% z Revenant.png Revenant 28.51%
The Tomb H Sphinx.png Sphinx 38.46% M Mummy priest.png Mummy priest 38.46% z Ancient champion.png Ancient champion 23.08%
The Abyss X Starcursed mass.png Starcursed mass 45.45% t Apocalypse crab.png Apocalypse crab 36.36% X Tentacled starspawn.png Tentacled starspawn 18.18%
The Realm of Zot D Golden dragon.png Golden dragon 45.45% y Moth of wrath.png Moth of wrath 36.36% q Draconian stormcaller.png Draconian stormcaller 18.18%

The following enemies cast Plane Rend: