Apocalypse crab

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Version 0.30: This article may not be up to date for the latest stable release of Crawl.

For a list of all arthropods, see list of arthropods.

apocalypse crab tApocalypse crab.png
HP 34-70
HD 8
XP 448
Speed 10
AC 11
EV 6
Will 60
Attack1 15 (bite: chaos)
Attack2 15 (claw: chaos)

Resistances rF++
Vulnerabilities Poison
Habitat Amphibious
Intelligence Animal
Uses Uses nothing
Holiness Demonic
Size Small
Type crab, apocalypse crab
See invisible
No skeleton
An opalescent crab with jet black eyes, and chaotic mists effusing from its mandibles. Rumours claim that this species is waiting for the end of time.

“I should have been a pair of ragged claws
scuttling across the floors of silent seas.”
-T.S. Eliot, _The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock_. 1915.

Useful Info

Apocalypse crabs are unpleasant demonic crustaceans who breathe huge clouds of seething chaos at you, inflicting chaos effects on you and anything standing inside. They can also inflict chaos in melee, and have resistances to fire and cold. They can usually be found in the Abyss and chaos-themed Ziggurat floors, though some Abyss- or crab-themed vaults can have them too.


Spell set I
Slot1 Chaos Breath (d12) Natural flag

Tips & Tricks

  • Chaos can include very dangerous effects, such as paralysis, so you'll want to avoid the clouds of chaos if you can.
    • Placing a cloud (such as scroll of fog or Mephitic Cloud) will prevent new clouds from being placed on the tile.
    • If you find yourself standing in one and see a chaos-free space adjacent to you, immediately step clear. Random Blink can be risky in the Abyss, so walking out as quickly as possible is your best bet.
    • Qazlal worshippers are immune to all clouds.
  • Even if you can avoid the clouds, you'll want to take them out ASAP. Their breath inflicts chaos on impact (regardless of cloud immunity), and the clouds can haste and berserk monsters standing inside. If you have some Throwing skill, silver javelins are especially effective.
  • They have low HD and poison vulnerability. Wands, Hexes, and Mephitic Cloud are likely to disable the crab, preventing it from spewing chaos.


  • Apocalypse crabs were added in 0.12.