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Version 0.30: This article may not be up to date for the latest stable release of Crawl.

For a list of all jellies, see list of jellies.

rockslime JRockslime.png
HP 39-80
HD 20
XP 1880
Speed 12
AC 27
EV 2
Will 60
Attack1 50 (hit: trample)

Resistances rF++
Vulnerabilities None
Habitat Land
Intelligence Brainless
Uses Uses nothing
Holiness Natural
Size Giant
Type jelly, rockslime
Flags Destroys doors
See invisible
Web immune
An oozing avalanche, scouring the ground beneath it as it rumbles forward. It consumes only the metal and bone from its victims, using them to reinforce itself even further.

Useful info

Rockslimes are durable, trampling jellies that resemble dire elephants more than anything amorphous. Like other jellies, they are commonly found in the Slime Pits, but can show up in a few vaults elsewhere.

Tips & Tricks

  • Their resistance to fire is designed to counteract Ignition and immolation-based strategies. These are perfect for taking out TRJ and other slimes, but you'll need some way to fight and/or escape the rockslime aftermath.
  • With 12 speed, they will "outrun" most adventurers who try to walk away. Fortunately, unlike quicksilver oozes, acid blobs, or azure jellies, their damage output is a bit more manageable. Dealing up to 50 damage per swing isn't trivial, but it's better than getting engulfed, corroded, or eating a bunch of AC-ignoring cold damage.
  • Stairs are normally safe to use in Slime, but if a rockslime is within 2 tiles of you, it can trample you off. Note that it can't trample if there's no place to trample - having a creature (ally, enemy, or Fulminant Prism) behind you prevents the trample effect.
  • While rockslimes have extremely high AC for a jelly, their EV is terrible, and they have a number of weaknesses:
    • They have average willpower for the stage of the game they tend to appear in, so hexes and hex wands work.
    • They are vulnerable to Lee's Rapid Deconstruction, which handily bypasses their AC (and hits other creatures around the rockslime).
    • They are resistant to fire and electricity, but have few other resistances (not even resistant to acid). All sorts of high-power attacks, even if low accuracy, can take out a rockslime.


  • Rockslimes were added in 0.27.