Robe of Folly

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Version 0.19: This article may not be up to date for the latest stable release of Crawl.
A dull grey robe. It is enchanted to provide its wearer with immeasurable power and wisdom, but...

Robe of folly.png the +3 robe of Folly

+3 robe

+5 intelligence
Cursed, 50% chance to recurse itself on equip


With archmagi and +5 intelligence, the robe of Folly is a tempting piece of armour for any character looking to squeeze out a little more spellpower, but only if they can make up for the very dangerous MR penalty. An unlucky encounter with an opponent capable of banishing or paralysing you can very easily get you killed, and even a constant stream of confusions can be devastating. Only consider wearing this all the time if you've had very good luck finding artefacts which counter the magic resistance loss, and even then you'd be much safer with a +2 robe of the Archmagi and some amazing MR. Even with the recursing, however, it's entirely possible to wear it before taking on a particularly nasty opponent that lacks any MR-related abilities, then remove it before it gets the chance to betray you.