Robe of vines

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Version 0.22: This article may not be up to date for the latest stable release of Crawl.
A robe woven of living vines. The vines form a symbiotic relationship with their wearer, greatly increasing their regeneration, but preventing them from being healed by potions and wands.

Robe of vines.png the +2 robe of vines

+2 robe

Regeneration (+280)
Prevents healing from potions and wands while worn


The robe of vines increases its wearer's regeneration rate by 280, providing an incredible bonus of 2.8 HP per turn. Due to its huge impact on your regeneration rate, this artefact can be extremely useful for recovering HP quickly. This can be especially handy for those attempting speedruns, but even a casual run can make good use of the robe for post-battle healing. If you are going to be changing in and out of the robe, just make sure to do so somewhere safe so you aren't caught with your proverbial pants down.

The robe of vines can also provide additional survivability during battle, though a robe with an ego like resistance or archmagi may be better for general use depending on your character. Alternatively, a set of heavier armour and a solid array of resistances can reduce incoming damage enough to make your base regeneration rate perfectly acceptable, though even then the robe can still be useful to carry around for a quick heal.

Deep dwarves and bloodless vampires do not regenerate and gain no benefit whatsoever from wearing the robe of vines, whereas ghouls can only benefit from the robe if there are no monsters in sight. Vine stalkers, on the other hand, can freely wear this item with no drawbacks.


  • Prior to 0.18, this robe was +5 and had Regen+10, meaning it gave +4 HP per turn.
  • The robe of vines was introduced in version 0.17.