Resistance (ego)

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Version 0.28: This article may not be up to date for the latest stable release of Crawl.
It protects its wearer from the effects of both cold and heat.

Resistance is a rare ego which grants you one rank in both fire and cold resistance. It is only found on robes, scarves, and shields of all sizes.

Artefacts with the resistance ego will display {rC+ rF+} in their stead; plus, they might have a more varied set of resistances to begin with. The unrand shield of Resistance provides a superior version of this ego.


Resistance is an amazing ego; 2 very useful resistances with no drawback. Unless you already cover both resistances, it is one of the best defensive egos available, and remains competitive even if you have both rC+ and rF+. The need for rC and rF rises once you get to the Vaults and Depths, but elemental threats exist well before then.

  • Shields of resistance have almost no competition in terms of best ego. While a tower shield of resistance isn't the most practical for magic users, a feasible shield of this ego would be a convincing reason to start using shields, if you haven't already.
  • Robes of resistance are more dubious. Obviously, heavier melee characters won't like them, and even casters have stronger gear in the body armour slot. Species with heavy equipment restrictions (such as Spriggans) appreciate their ability to fit while padding out their resistances. Once available, a set of gold dragon scales effectively has a superior form of resistance, but is befitting for extremely heavy armour characters.
  • A scarf of resistance is quite good. You'll miss out on the 3-4 extra AC from having an enchanted cloak, but the ego more than makes up for that. But depending on your other equipment, you may find a scarf of repulsion or cloak of willpower more useful.