Rod of inaccuracy

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Obsolete: This article refers to an aspect of the game which has been removed. It is retained for historical reference only.
Type Rod
Name rod of inaccuracy
Icon Rod of inaccuracy.png
This rod allows its wielder to fire a powerful but extremely inaccurate bolt of power.
Spells Type Level
a - Bolt of Inaccuracy Evocations 3

The rod of inaccuracy is the only reliable source of the extremely powerful spell Bolt of Inaccuracy. While the rod is mostly useless against targets with even moderate EV, you can use it to deal heavy, irresistible damage to targets with lousy evasion. Some of the best targets for this spell are particularly tough monsters such as hydras, oklob plants, Gastronok, giants, and curse skulls, to name a few. Even better, this rod's hunger cost is relatively easy to negate, given that Bolt of Inaccuracy is only a level 3 spell.

Any character that plans on using Evocations can make effective use of this rod. If you find this rod and haven't begun training Evocations yet, consider doing so, as it can be extremely helpful against many enemies that are difficult to safely defeat through other means.


The rod of inaccuracy was removed along with all other rods in 0.20