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Version 0.31: This article is up to date for the latest stable release of Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup.

Giants are enormous humanoids who rely primarily on brute force, but often have powerful ranged attacks as well. Although their immense size allows them to endure heavy abuse before falling, they have terrible evasion and are generally easy to hit. Several subspecies of giant inhabit the lower portions of the Dungeon, growing more common in the Vaults and the Depths.

Giant Types

C Cyclops.png Cyclops - Slow, territorial agrarian giants, they protect their herds of dream sheep and yaks by viciously hurling boulders at their foes.

C Ettin.png Ettin - A larger and stronger version of the two-headed ogre. Will happily crush wandering adventurers into paste with its two massive weapons.

C Fire giant.png Fire giant - Incendiary hulks armed with flaming great swords that can roast you at any distance with their fireballs.

C Frost giant.png Frost giant - Like fire giants, but cooler and with battleaxes.

C Stone giant.png Stone giant - These monstrous creatures have the strength of mountains and hurl powerful bolts of earth at you (they're really just large rocks).

C Titan.png Titan - A divine giant which has developed mastery over storm magic.

C Iron giant.png Iron giant - Exceptionally huge giants that can throw their allies at you or bring you to their allies.

C Tainted leviathan.png Tainted leviathan - Undead giants cursed to roam Tartarus for eternity. They can force foes to stay close, forcing you into their rotting miasma clouds.

C Juggernaut.png Juggernaut - A swift-moving and extremely powerful giant that must rest after each colossal punch.

C Protean progenitor.png Protean progenitor - Ancient shapeless beings that were the precursors of shapeshifters. Will irradiate you and split into various monsters upon death.

C Cactus giant.png Cactus giant - Desert-dwelling giants that can be summoned to the Dungeon. They might not be particularly strong or swift of blows, but their spines are quite painful.


C Polyphemus.png Polyphemus- An exceptionally successful cyclops shepherd; only he knows the secret to taming death yaks and catoblepae.

C Antaeus.png Antaeus- The largest giant of them all, Antaeus rules as demon lord over the icy realm of Cocytus.

C Chuck.png Chuck- A unique stone giant found only in Dungeon Sprint; notable for his large rock of chaos and his stylish hat.

Retired Giants

C Hill giant.png Hill giant - The smallest of the giants, they were barely enormous, but still packed a punch with their giant clubs. Removed in 0.20.

C The Iron Giant.png The Iron Giant- A massive, rusting hulk that called iron elementals to his aid. Found only in Dungeon Sprint. Was converted into a normal enemy in 0.18.