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Obsolete: This article refers to an aspect of the game which has been removed. It is retained for historical reference only.
shedu HShedu.png
HP 92-130
HD 13
XP 1285
Speed 10
AC 2
EV 10
Will 52
Attack1 19 (kick: holy)
Attack2 23 (kick: holy)

Resistances rPois+, rN+++,
rRot, rDrown,
Vulnerabilities None
Habitat Land
Intelligence Normal
Uses Uses nothing
Holiness Holy
Size Medium
Type shedu, shedu
Flags Always corpse
Silence immune
These boviform divine beings are always found in pairs, often protecting some sacred shrine. They can heal and even resurrect each other, doubling their effectiveness as guardians.

“May my god stand at my right hand!
May my goddess stand at my left hand!
May the favourable Shedu, the favourable Lamassu...with me!”
-Assyrian prayer. 2nd millennium B.C.

For a list of all holy monsters, see list of holy monsters.

Useful Info

Shedus are holy, flying beasts which are always generated in pairs. When you wound (or kill) one, the remaining shedu will heal (or resurrect!) its partner.

Once you kill a shedu, its partner senses this and will always wake up. When a shedu has line of sight to its partner's corpse, it attempts a resurrection (this takes several turns). It even affects shedu corpses that you are carrying in your inventory. This special ability is not a spell and cannot be negated in any way so long as the second shedu lives.

Since shedus are holy beings, you risk suffering a player-centered cleansing flame, care of The Shining One, should you kill one. The probability of this occurring varies according to which type of god you worship. If you worship a good god, there is no risk (although if you worship TSO, you'll suffer penance). If you are atheistic, there's a 12.5% risk. If you worship an evil god, the risk is 27.1%.


Spell set
Slot1 Heal Other (2d6)
Slot2 none
Slot3 Heal Other (2d6)
Slot4 none
Slot5 none
Slot6 none

Tips & Tricks

  • To prevent shedu resurrection, always butcher or sacrifice shedu corpses after you kill them.
  • Don't kill a shedu over deep water. Unless you are a merfolk, octopode, or gray draconian, you won't be able to reach the corpse and the shedu may get a free resurrection.
  • If you worship an evil god and are low on HP, retreat rather than finish off a shedu; TSO's wrath may finish you off.


The shedu and the lamassu are Mesopotamian protective deities which served as gatekeepers, defending the homes of commoners and kings alike. Their images were engraved on tablets which were buried at each side of a home's entryway, or they were cast in metal as statues and placed in similar positions near a door.


Shedus were removed in 0.15.