Spear of the Botono

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Obsolete: This article refers to an aspect of the game which has been removed. It is retained for historical reference only.

A dark and malign artefact. It increases the potency of hexes cast by anyone unwise enough to risk wielding it.

Spear of the botono.png the +6 spear of the Botono

+6 spear

Reaping brand
-6 HP
Enhances Hexes


The spear of the Botono is a good weapon for the early- and mid-game, but sadly a spear will be outclassed later on, even one as good as this. That being said, using it as an unorthodox magical staff for your Hexes is not a bad idea, and the reaping brand is nice for generating an army of zombie meat shields (though Animate Dead works fine for that purpose regardless of your weapon). Just don't expect to do that much damage if you use this for stabbing; polearms don't get a very big bonus for that purpose.


The Spear of Botono was removed in 0.16.

Prior to 0.15, this weapon had a +2,+10 enchantment level.

Prior to 0.12, it did not enhance Hexes, made noise while equipped, and only reduced your HP by 3.