Animate Dead

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Version 0.26: This article may not be up to date for the latest stable release of Crawl.
Animate dead.png Animate Dead
Level 4
School1 Necromancy
Source(s) Book of Necromancy
Book of Unlife
Casting noise 3
Spell noise 0
Power Cap 200
Hated By Elyvilon
The Shining One
Flags Area, Neutral, Utility
Reanimates all corpses and skeletons in the vicinity as followers. This magic is unstable, so eventually those reanimated will crumble to dust. Zombies and skeletons cannot leave the level they were created on. The resilience of zombies raised by this spell increases with spell power.

Animate Dead is a level 4 Necromancy spell that attempts to raise all corpses and skeletons in LOS as zombies or skeletons. These minions cannot heal or use stairs, but will serve you faithfully until death or until they crumble to dust. Some corpses cannot be raised in this manner.

HD of raised skeletons and zombies depends on the spellpower: minion_hd = mons_hd * (100 + pow) / 300.

This spell is similar to Yredelemnul's power of the same name.


  • Animate Dead is a very powerful spell for Kikubaaqudgha followers. Combining the Corpse Delivery ability with this spell allows you to rapidly create a large gang of allies at will, in exchange for a very affordable chunk of piety and MP. Other characters can also put it to good use; animating the remains of every powerful enemy you defeat on a given floor means that you'll have plenty of allies available in case you come across a very powerful unique.
  • Although pricier than Animate Skeleton, Animate Dead offers significant advantages:
    • Like skeletons, zombies have lower stats than the monsters they were raised from. However, the reduction is less dramatic (except for movement speed).
    • Animate Dead can raise multiple corpses at once. This makes it a much more useful option in the middle of combat.
  • Fast species may want to use the Ctrl-E command to limit the travelling speed to the lowest ally speed.


The following corpses are unaffected by Animate Dead:

p Shapeshifter.png Shapeshifter p Glowing shapeshifter.png Glowing shapeshifter

The following corpses are too rotten for a proper zombie. You will get skeletons instead.

n Necrophage.png Necrophage n Ghoul (monster).png Ghoul (monster) n Bog body.png Bog body

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