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Version 0.16: This article may not be up to date for the latest stable release of Crawl.
If a monster killed with it leaves a corpse in good enough shape, the corpse will be animated as a zombie friendly to the killer.

Reaping is a very rare brand, found only on the Sword of Zonguldrok. If an enemy killed by a reaping weapon would normally generate a corpse, it may instead generate an allied zombie of that creature. The chance of this occurring depends on the percentage of damage you dealt with the actual weapon of reaping.

This is considered an evil brand. Attacking an enemy with a weapon of reaping will offend the good gods.


Prior to 0.16, this brand could be found on the Spear of the Botono.

Prior to 0.13, this brand could also generate on mundane scythes.

Before 0.10, the effect occurred any time you dealt a killing blow with the reaping weapon.

Before 0.8, this brand was also found on arrows, darts, bows and longbows.

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