Summon Butterflies

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Obsolete: This article refers to an aspect of the game which has been removed. It is retained for historical reference only.
Summon butterflies.png Summon Butterflies
Level 1
School1 Summoning
Source(s) Book of Beasts
Book of Party Tricks
Casting noise 1
Spell noise 0
Creates a shower of colourful butterflies. How pretty!

Summon Butterflies is a level 1 Summoning spell which summons multiple butterflies.

Useful Info

A kaleidoscope of butterflies is created around the caster. Higher spell power may result in more butterflies.

Number of summons is 2 + 1d3 + (1d<power> - 1) / 10, capped at 8.[1]

Duration of the summons is around 27 turns. It is not affected by spell power.

There is a cap on how many creatures created by this spell you can have at the same time. Summoning more than 8 creatures means that the older ones will time out immediately.


  • Summon Butterflies is amazing for making escapes, despite the wimpy name. The butterflies can block your enemies' movement and ranged attacks. At low power the spell only summons a few, but at high power it can surround you completely to a considerable radius.
  • The butterflies have no attack. They will fly off in random directions at high speed, making them especially good for blocking corridors.

Tips & tricks

  • If you know spells like Conjure Flame or Freezing Cloud, you can use Summon Butterflies to keep you enemies on top of the clouds for as long as you want.
  • For obvious reasons, this spell is also very useful for characters with smite-targeted spells, like Lee's Rapid Deconstruction, although beware of doing so with gods which punish you hurting allies, like the good gods and Okawaru.

Monster version

The following enemies may be able to cast Summon Butterflies, depending on their spell set:


  • Prior to 0.26, players, player ghosts, and pandemonium lords could cast this spell. This spell was completely removed from the game, but the scroll of butterflies or Xom may produce the same effect.
  • Prior to 0.23, butterflies could be used for detecting hidden traps.
  • In 0.14, maximum summons per single cast was lowered from 15 to 8.
  • Prior to 0.8 the spell always summoned at least 15 butterflies, regardless of spell power.