Sword of Zonguldrok

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Version 0.21: This article may not be up to date for the latest stable release of Crawl.
A blade imbued with the essence of a legendary necromancer. Those slain in its presence are reanimated by its power and forced to fight on.

Sword of zonguldrok.png the +9 Sword of Zonguldrok

+9 double sword

Reaping brand

It is always part of the loot in Zonguldrok's Shrine, but can be found elsewhere too.


The sword of Zonguldrok is a good weapon, but not a great one. Even with its high enchantment level, its lack of a damage brand makes its damage output noticeably worse than a well-enchanted branded demon blade or double sword, and it may cause you food problems unless you judiciously unwield it to kill edible, easy monsters. Friendly zombies can be useful, particularly if you can clear the majority of a floor before using your army to storm a particularly nasty vault, but the sword doesn't do anything that casting Animate Dead or even Animate Skeleton doesn't do. Use this weapon if you have nothing better yet and you don't see food problems being an issue, or as a pseudo-spell enhancer to turn your attack spells into ally generators as well.

Due to the fact that it passively uses a necromantic effect each turn, even wielding it is enough to offend the good gods.


Prior to 0.19, this fixed artefact created hostile undead in your LOS, was cursed, and would recurse itself when wielded (33.3% chance).

Prior to 0.9, this artefact was a long sword.