List of centaurs

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Centaurs (and their close cousins the yaktaurs) are humanoid hybrids, men from the waist up with the bodies of beasts below. They are all dangerous marksmen, capable of peppering your character with (occasionally branded) arrows or bolts from any distance.

Centaur Types

c Centaur (monster).png Centaur - Deadly archers responsible for many untimely deaths.

c Centaur warrior.png Centaur warrior - An elite marksmen that can devastate unprepared heroes. Travels with a herd of centaur allies.

Unique Centaurs

c Nessos.png Nessos - A cruel centaur who fires venomous, flaming arrows and hastes himself before going into battle.


c Yaktaur.png Yaktaur - Close relatives of the centaur that favor crossbows. What they lack in speed they make up for with deadly aim and numbers.

c Yaktaur captain.png Yaktaur captain - An unmatched expert with a crossbow, these snipers lead bands of lesser yaktaurs on hunts throughout the depths of the Dungeon.