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Version 0.23: This article may not be up to date for the latest stable release of Crawl.
“When Peleus, some distance away, saw him torn apart by the frightful wound he shouted: ‘Accept this tribute to the dead, at least, Crantor, dearest of youths’, and with his powerful arm, he hurled his ash spear, at full strength, at Demoleon. It ruptured the ribcage, and stuck quivering in the bone. The centaur pulled out the shaft minus its head (he tried with difficulty to reach that also) but the head was caught in his lung. The pain itself strengthened his will: wounded, he reared up at his enemy and beat the hero down with his hooves. Peleus received the resounding blows on helmet and shield, and defending his upper arms, and controlling the weapon he held out, with one blow through the arm he pierced the bi-formed breast.”

-Ovid, _Metamorphoses_, XII, 330. 8 AD.

Centaurs (and their cousins the satyrs and yaktaurs) are humanoid hybrids, men from the waist up with the bodies of beasts below. They are all dangerous marksmen, capable of peppering your character with (occasionally branded) arrows, sling bullets, or bolts from any distance.


c Centaur (monster).png Centaur - Deadly archers responsible for many untimely deaths.

c Centaur warrior.png Centaur warrior - An elite marksman that can devastate unprepared heroes. Often travels with a herd of centaur allies.

Unique Centaur

c Nessos.png Nessos - A cruel, armoured centaur who hastes himself before firing venomous, flaming arrows at his quarry.


c Faun.png Faun - These playful goatmen antagonize their enemies with Hexes and pepper them with arrows and sling bullets.

c Satyr.png Satyr - Satyrs are deadlier with a bow and more vexing with their magic than the fauns they lead into combat, inspiring them with various wartunes on their pipes.


c Yaktaur.png Yaktaur - Close relatives of the centaur that favor crossbows. What they lack in speed they make up for with deadly aim and numbers.

c Yaktaur captain.png Yaktaur captain - An unmatched expert with a crossbow, these snipers lead bands of lesser yaktaurs on hunts throughout the depths of the Dungeon.

Retired Satyr

c Pan (monster).png Pan - A unique satyr who would have disabled players while his lesser brethren felled them with a hail of missiles.


  • In 0.14, fauns and satyrs were added. Pan was briefly considered for inclusion during this time.