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Version 0.21: This article may not be up to date for the latest stable release of Crawl.

This article is about the physical item. For the multiple-target spells, see Bolt spells.

Name Bolt
Launcher Hand crossbow / Arbalest / Triple crossbow
Base damage Uses launcher damage value
A metal projectile, shorter than an arrow, intended to be shot from a crossbow.

"In the midst of our last assault, which would have carried the gate sure and given us Paris and in effect France, Joan was struck down by a crossbow bolt, and our men fell back instantly and almost in a panic - for what were they without her? She was the army, herself."

-Mark Twain, _Personal Recollections of Joan of Arc, by the Sieur Louis de Conte_, Book II, chap. 40 "Treachery Conquers Joan". 1896.

Bolts are ammunition fired from hand crossbows, arbalests, or triple crossbows and are much more common and easy to find than their launchers, which only become common once yaktaurs start showing up.

Crossbow bolt1.png
Axes BattleaxeBroad axeExecutioner's axeHand axeWar axe
Bows Shortbow (Arrow) • Longbow (Arrow)
Crossbows Arbalest (Bolt) • Hand crossbow (Bolt) • Triple crossbow (Bolt)
Maces & Flails ClubDemon whipDire flailEveningstarFlailGiant clubGiant spiked clubGreat maceMaceMorningstarSacred scourgeWhip
Long Blades Demon bladeDouble swordEudemon bladeFalchionGreat swordLong swordScimitarTriple sword
Polearms BardicheDemon tridentGlaiveHalberdScytheSpearTridentTrishula
Short Blades DaggerQuick bladeRapierShort sword
Slings Fustibalus (Sling bullet, Stone) • Hunting sling (Sling bullet, Stone)
Staves LajatangMagical staffQuarterstaff
Throwing Blowgun (Needle) • JavelinLarge rockStoneThrowing netTomahawk


Prior to 0.18, bolts could spawn with a variety of brands.

In 0.15, the crossbow was split into three types: hand crossbow, arbalest, and triple crossbow