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Version 0.21: This article may not be up to date for the latest stable release of Crawl.
Name Arrow
Launcher Shortbow / Longbow
Base damage Uses launcher damage value
A long shafted projectile intended to be shot with a shortbow or longbow, fletched with feathers at one end and a point at the other.

"I saw in a hall an arrow pointing the way and I thought that this inoffensive symbol had once been a thing of iron, an inescapable and fatal projectile that pierced the flesh of men and lions and clouded the sun at Thermopylae and gave Harald Sigurdarson six feet of English earth forever."

-Jorge Luis Borges, _Mutations_. 1960.

trans. Mildred Boyle

Arrows are a form of ammunition shot with shortbows or longbows, governed by the Bows skill.



Prior to 0.18, arrows could generate with a variety of brands.

Axes BattleaxeBroad axeExecutioner's axeHand axeWar axe
Bows Shortbow (Arrow) • Longbow (Arrow)
Crossbows Arbalest (Bolt) • Hand crossbow (Bolt) • Triple crossbow (Bolt)
Maces & Flails ClubDemon whipDire flailEveningstarFlailGiant clubGiant spiked clubGreat maceMaceMorningstarSacred scourgeWhip
Long Blades Demon bladeDouble swordEudemon bladeFalchionGreat swordLong swordScimitarTriple sword
Polearms BardicheDemon tridentGlaiveHalberdScytheSpearTridentTrishula
Short Blades DaggerQuick bladeRapierShort sword
Slings Fustibalus (Sling bullet, Stone) • Hunting sling (Sling bullet, Stone)
Staves LajatangMagical staffQuarterstaff
Throwing Blowgun (Needle) • JavelinLarge rockStoneThrowing netTomahawk