List of vortices

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Version 0.23: This article may not be up to date for the latest stable release of Crawl.

Vortices are odd phenomena that occur in certain elementally charged places or are created by spells. For the most part, they aren't overtly hostile; many of them are permanently confused and will float aimlessly about, only dealing damage when they happen to crash into something. They are all nonliving, however, and are all immune to magical effects as well as generally highly resistant to elemental magic.

List of vortices

v Insubstantial wisp.png Insubstantial wisp - Thin clouds of Swamp gases that travel in packs and swarm passersby. They blink often and occasionally discharge electricity.

v Fire vortex.png Fire vortex - Swirling clouds of flame found in volcanic areas or created with extremely powerful Fire Magic.

v Spatial vortex.png Spatial vortex - A wandering tear in the fabric of space that deals heavy distortion damage to anything it bumps into.

v Spatial maelstrom.png Spatial maelstrom - A cognizant (and hungry) hole in creation. It seeks to dissolve all matter into raging storms of unreality.

v Twister.png Twister - A localized windstorm that sweeps away anything unfortunate enough to be caught in its path.

Retired vortices

v Vapour.png Vapour - Invisible wads of mist that occasionally discharged Lightning Bolts in random directions.


Vapours were removed in 0.15.