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Version 0.31: This article is up to date for the latest stable release of Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup.
sphinx HSphinx.png
HP 58-118
HD 16
XP 2257
Speed 12
AC 5
EV 5
Will 60
Attack1 25 (hit: plain)
Attack2 12 (hit: plain)
Attack3 12 (hit: plain)
Resistances None
Vulnerabilities None
Habitat Land
Intelligence Human
Uses Open doors
Holiness Natural
Size Giant
Type sphinx, sphinx
Flags See invisible
A large creature with a woman's head, a lion's body and the wings of a huge bird, able to cloud the minds of its foes and wield fell magics.

Useful Info

Sphinxes are hefty beasts with a large variety of Hexes. Their paralysis is a big threat if you don't have willpower, though their melee isn't bad either. They can be found in the Depths, the Vaults, or in a large pack inside Tomb:1. Out-of-depth sphinxes can rarely show up in the main Dungeon.


Spell set I
Slot1 Confuse Wizard flag
Slot2 Paralyse Wizard flag
Slot3 Minor Healing (2d8+3) Wizard flag
Slot4 Smiting (7-17) Wizard flag
Slot5 Slow Wizard flag

Tips & Tricks

  • High willpower (at least +++, preferably ++++) will render them almost incapable of disabling you.
  • Strong summoned allies can usually take out a sphinx without trouble. In the worst case, you may be incapacitated by a spell, but your allies will kill or distract it until the effect wears off.
  • If you see a sphinx with several strong allies that you're not ready for, consider teleporting or using a scroll of fog and running away immediately. You may not get a second chance.
  • You can summon your own friendly sphinxes with the spell Monstrous Menagerie.


  • Prior to 0.31, sphinxes had 11 speed, but were slightly more likely to cast spells.