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{{flavour|Eerie flames cover its twisted blade.}}
{{flavour|Eerie flames cover its twisted blade.}}
[[File:Sword_of_cerebov.png]] '''''The +6, +6 Sword of Cerebov'''''
[[File:Sword_of_cerebov.png]] '''''A great serpentine sword'''''
+6, +6 [[great sword]]
+6, +6 [[great sword]]

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Eerie flames cover its twisted blade.

Sword of cerebov.png A great serpentine sword

+6, +6 great sword

Flaming brand
Pierces 1 rank of fire resistance

The fixedart great sword wielded by the unique Pandemonium lord Cerebov. The damage from its flame brand is calculated against the victim's fire resistance minus one, meaning it can even burn fire immune enemies. This effect does not reduce the enemy's fire resistance against fire damage from any other source.


It will do more fire damage to creatures than any other weapon, but at high skill levels, a well-branded and enchanted triple sword will outperform it. More often carried as a prize than actually used, as most characters who can defeat Cerebov already have their endgame weapons.


In 0.13 it will temporarily reduce the enemy's fire resistance against any kind of attack, and its base damage and base accuracy will be increased by 1.