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Version 0.30: This article may not be up to date for the latest stable release of Crawl.
Cerebov &Cerebov.png
HP 429-866
HD 21
XP 22654
Speed 10
AC 30
EV 8
Will Immune
Attack1 60 (hit: plain)

Resistances damnation
Vulnerabilities Holy
Habitat Land
Intelligence Human
Uses Weapons & armour
Starting equipment
Open doors
Holiness Demonic
Size Giant
Type pandemonium lord, Cerebov
Flags Fighter
See invisible
A violent and wrathful demon, Cerebov appears as a giant humanoid covered in shining golden armour and wielding a huge twisted sword.

Useful Info

Cerebov is a mighty demon lord of Pandemonium who guards the fiery rune and wields the Sword of Cerebov. With the second highest HP in the game (behind Antaeus) and very powerful Fire Magic, they are a very dangerous foe. Cerebov is found on a unique Pandemonium floor crawling with balrugs, efreet, orange demons, and the occasional brimstone fiend.


Spell set I
Slot1 Fire Storm (8d16 / 8d17) Magical flag
Slot2 Iron Shot (3d36) Magical flag
Slot3 Haste Magical flag
Slot4 Fire Summon Magical flag

Tips & Tricks

  • Like with other pan/hell lords, it is recommended to clear any nearby monsters before engaging Cerebov. Getting hit by multiple smites or torments in a single turn can make an already dangerous fight suicidal. If you do encounter Cerebov with such a posse, strongly consider teleporting away and regrouping.
Worshipers of the Shining One may not mind some popcorn enemies around, though, as they can provide some minor healing mid-fight.
  • Cerebov is arguably the toughest foe in the game. High defenses (rF+++, HP, AC, etc.) and buffs (haste, might, brilliance) are recommended if you don't intend to steal the rune. For melee fighters, holy wrath and antimagic work well. Casters will want to use spells that aren't resisted, such as Orb of Destruction or Chain Lightning.
  • Remember that killing Cerebov isn't required to grab the rune. When attempting to steal the rune, Haste and Passage of Golubria are very helpful. Keep the demon lord just outside LOS, to prevent being hit by Fire Storms. Be prepared for brimstone fiends, who often guard the rune chamber itself. Also, know that Cerebov will return to its fortress if it loses track of you.
    • Like with other unique pan lords, if you steal the rune, you might encounter Cerebov on other Pandemonium floors and during the orb run.
  • Surprisingly, this pan lord does not fly. Cerebov is unable to get past lava, and can even be flung into it with Polar Vortex. Polar Vortex won't always drop a monster into lava, so be prepared for a melee fight when using this spell.