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Version 0.31: This article is up to date for the latest stable release of Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup.

An unrand (or unrandart) is short for "unrandom artefact," an artefact with set appearance and properties. Unrands are always the same between games, as opposed to randarts ("random artefacts", which have randomly generated properties). Unrands may have special mechanics not found anywhere else in the game, such as the Rift's ability to attack 3 tiles away. Unrands with unique properties have historically been called fixedarts, though the distinction has become increasingly blurred with time.

Only one instance of any particular unrand may generate per game.

  • If you don't pick up an unrand that generates in a temporary portal level, or accidentally destroy the unrand by dumping it into lava, it is lost forever.
  • Any unrand in the possession of a monster you banish to the Abyss can be found in the Abyss, though this may take a very, very long time.
  • If an acquirement (either from a scroll or an Okawaru gift) offers an unrand and you pick something else, it can generate elsewhere.

Although you are almost guaranteed to find at least one unrand over the course of any given game, there is no guarantee that any particular unrand will generate, or that the unrands that do generate will be of any use to you.

Certain unrands are more likely to spawn in the early game, where they are most useful:[1] Delatra's gloves, woodcutter's axe, Throatcutter, Hermit's pendant, Devastator, ratskin cloak, Kryia's mail coat, Lear's hauberk, trident of the Octopus King, robe of Augmentation, staff of the Meek, amulet of Elemental Vulnerability, robe of Misfortune, Force Lance, and toga "Victory".


Ring of the mage.png ring of the Mage {Wiz Archmagi}

Ring of the Tortoise.png ring of the Tortoise {AC+8}

Ring of the Hare.png ring of the Hare {EV+10}

Ring of shadows.png ring of Shadows {Umbra +Inv Stlth+}

Urand octoring.png rings of the Octopus King {<one property> HP+2 AC+2 EV+2 SH+2}


Brooch of shielding.png brooch of Shielding {Spirit SH+8}

Necklace of bloodlust.png necklace of Bloodlust {Fury *Rage Will++ Int-3 Slay+6}

Amulet of the four winds.png amulet of the Four Winds {rN+ Will+++ Clar}

Amulet of the air.png amulet of the Air {Inacc Air Fly rElec RMsl}

Macabre finger necklace.png macabre finger necklace {Finger+ rN+}

Amulet of vitality.png amulet of Vitality {RegenMP++ Regen++}

Dreamshard necklace.png dreamshard necklace {Acrobat *Dream}

Amulet of elemental vulnerability.png amulet of Elemental Vulnerability {rPois rF-- rC-- AC+8}

Hermit's pendant.png Hermit's pendant {Faith Invo=14 Evo=0 MP+5}


Orb of Dispater.png orb of Dispater {+Damnation *Corrode AC+5}

Sphere of battle.png sphere of Battle

Crystal ball of wucad mu.png crystal ball of Wucad Mu {*channel}

Short Blades

Spriggan's knife.png +7 Spriggan's Knife {stab, EV+4 Stlth+}

Arc blade.png +8 arc blade {discharge, rElec}

Captain's cutlass.png +7 captain's cutlass {speed, disarm}

Gyre and Gimble.png +8 pair of quick blades "Gyre" and "Gimble" {protect}

Vampire's tooth.png +8 Vampire's Tooth {megavamp}

Long Blades

Throatcutter.png +7 Throatcutter {drain, coup de grace}

Singing sword.png +11 Singing Sword {sonic wave}

Sword of zonguldrok.png +9 Sword of Zonguldrok {reap}

Maxwells thermic engine.png +2 Maxwell's thermic engine {flame, freeze, rev}

Autumn katana.png +8 autumn katana {manifold assault}

Demon blade leech.png +8 demon blade "Leech" {evervamp, Harm ^Drain rN+}

Zealot's sword.png +10 zealot's sword {holy, Zeolotry, *Rage rN+ EV+3}

Sword of power.png +9 sword of Power {lifebolt}

Sword of cerebov.png +6 sword of Cerebov {flame}

Plutonium sword.png +11 plutonium sword {^Contam Stlth-}


New staff of olgreb.png +9 staff of Olgreb {rPois∞}

New elemental staff.png +3 Elemental Staff {ele, rElec rF+ rC+ AC+3}

Majin-bo.png +6 Majin-Bo {spellvamp, MP+6 Int+6}

Staff of the Meek.png +7 staff of the Meek {protect, meekguard}

Lajatang of Order.png +7 lajatang of Order {silver, rMut}


Woodcutter's axe.png +5 woodcutter's axe

Mithril axe arga.png +8 mithril axe "Arga" {speed, Will+}

Obsidian axe.png +16 obsidian axe {drain, demonic, Mesm ^Drain Fly SInv}

New wrath of trog.png +8 Wrath of Trog {antimagic, *Rage Rampage}

Frostbite.png +8 frozen axe "Frostbite" {freeze, freezing cloud, *Noise Fly rC+}

Urand axe of woe.png +∞ Axe of Woe

Consecrated labrys.png +4 consecrated labrys {holy, Valiant ^Fragile Fly SInv}


Wyrmbane.png +8 lance "Wyrmbane" {slay drac, rPois rF+ rC+ AC+3}

Trident of the octopus king.png +8 trident of the Octopus King {venom, rElec rPois}

Rift.png +8 demon trident "Rift" {distort, reach+}

Condemnation.png +8 trishula "Condemnation" {holy, anguish, *Noise Fly rN+}

Glaive of the guard.png +5 glaive of the Guard {elec, spectral}

Glaive of prune.png +12 glaive of Prune {freeze, Prune}

Scythe finisher.png +5 scythe "Finisher" {speed, execute}

Scythe of curses.png +13 scythe of Curses {drain, curses, ^Drain}

Lochaber axe.png +5 lochaber axe {reach-cleave, Poleaxe ^Drain}

Force lance (unrand).png +5 Force Lance {heavy, knockback}

Maces & Flails

Devastator.png +6 shillelagh "Devastator" {shatter}

Whip snakebite.png +8 whip "Snakebite" {venom, curare, rPois}

New eos.png +10 morningstar "Eos" {elec, Halo rElec}

Spellbinder.png +5 demon whip "Spellbinder" {antimagic, disrupt, Will+}

Sceptre of torment.png +7 sceptre of Torment {pain, torment}

Great mace undeadhunter.png +7 great mace "Undeadhunter" {deathbane, rN+}

Firestarter.png +7 great mace "Firestarter" {flame, immolate, rFlCloud rF++}

Mace of variability.png +7 mace of Variability {chaos, chaos arc}

Dark maul.png +10 dark maul {heavy}

Urand skullcrusher.png +3 giant club "Skullcrusher" {speed, Str+7}

Sceptre of asmodeus.png +13 sceptre of Asmodeus

Ranged Weapons

Urand punk.png +3 greatsling "Punk" {acid, rCorr}

Bow of zephyr.png +8 longbow "Zephyr" {speed, Dex+3 SInv}

Longbow storm bow.png +8 storm bow {elec, penet}

Urand damnation.png +6 arbalest "Damnation" {damnation}

New sniper.png +27 heavy crossbow "Sniper" {heavy, Acc+∞ SInv}

Mule.png +7 hand cannon "Mule" {flame, backblast, rF+}


Robe of folly.png +4 robe of Folly {Brilliance Will-∞ Int+8}

Robe of augmentation.png +4 robe of Augmentation {Str+4 Int+4 Dex+4}

Robe of misfortune.png +5 robe of Misfortune {Harm *Corrode *Slow EV+5}

Robe of night.png +5 robe of Night {Dark Will+ SInv}

Robe of clouds.png +3 robe of Clouds {*Thunder rCloud rElec}

Robe of vines.png +1 robe of Vines {NoPotionHeal Regen++++}

Victory.png +0 toga "Victory" {*Victory Clar}

Skin of zhor.png +4 skin of Zhor {*Englaciate rC+++ SInv}

Salamander hide armour.png +3 salamander hide armour {Flames, rFlCloud rF++ rC--}

Cigotuvi's embrace urand.png +4 Cigotuvi's embrace {Corpsefed rMiasma ^Drain rN+}

Moon troll leather armour.png +5 moon troll leather armour {Spirit, Regen++ MP+5}

Kryia's mail coat.png +7 Kryia's mail coat {PotionHeal*2 rC+}

Faerie dragon armour.png faerie dragon scales (rCorr, randomised properties)

Lear's hauberk.png +18 Lear's hauberk

Maxwell's patent armour.png +15 Maxwell's patent armour {-Cast -Tele rElec Will+ rCorr}

Armour of the dragon king.png +9 scales of the Dragon King {rPois rF+ rC+ Will+}

Orange crystal plate armour.png +8 orange crystal plate armour {Archmagi, Int+3 Clar}


Warlock.png +3 warlock's mirror {omnireflect}

Shield of resistance.png +2 shield of Resistance {rF++ rC++ Will++}

Shield of the Gong.png +18 shield of the Gong {Loud rN+ Will+ rCorr EV-5}

Shield of ignorance.png +10 tower shield of Ignorance {rN+ Int-4}

Storm Queen's shield.png +5 Storm Queen's shield {shock, Fly rElec}


Urand thief.png +2 cloak of the Thief {*Fog Slay-2 SInv Stlth+}

New ratskin cloak.png +2 ratskin cloak {*Rats rPois rN+ Str-1 Int-1 Dex+1}

Urand starlight.png +1 cloak of Starlight {*Dazzle EV+4 Stlth--}

New dragonskin.png +4 dragonskin cloak


Hat of the bear spirit.png +2 hat of the Bear Spirit {Spirit, Bear, *Rage Will++}

Crown of dyrovepreva.png +3 crown of Dyrovepreva {rElec Int+2 SInv}

Mask of the dragon.png +0 mask of the Dragon {Will+ Slay+3 SInv}

Hat of the alchemist.png -2 hat of the Alchemist {rElec rPois rF+ rC+ rN+ Will+ rMut rCorr}

Hat of pondering.png +3 hat of Pondering {ponderous, Will+ MP+10 Int+5}

New hood assassin.png +2 hood of the Assassin {Detect Stab+ Stlth++}


Gauntlets of war.png +3 gauntlets of War {Slay+5}

Fencer's gloves.png +0 fencer's gloves {Riposte Dex+3}

Delatra's gloves.png +1 Delatra's gloves {ID++}

Mad Mage's Maulers.png +3 Mad Mage's Maulers {Infuse+∞ VampMP -Cast}


Seven-league boots.png +3 pair of seven-league boots {Rampage+∞}

Mountain boots.png +3 pair of mountain boots {steadfast, rC+}

Slick slippers.png +2 pair of slick slippers {slick, slippery, EV+4}


New bk barding.png +10 Black Knight's barding {ponderous, rPois rN+}

New lightning scales.png +6 lightning scales {swift, rElec}


Horn of geryon.png Horn of Geryon


Knife of accuracy.png +27, -1 knife of Accuracy

Lehudib's crystal spear (weapon).png +6, +6 Lehudib's crystal spear {return, Int+3}

Shield Bullseye.png +15 shield "Bullseye" {EV-5}

Boots of the spider.png +3 pair of boots of the spider {+Jump, Stlth+}

Spear of the botono.png +6 spear of the Botono {reap, rPois rN+ HP-6}

Blowgun of the assassin.png +6 blowgun of the Assassin {+Inv Stlth++}

Ring of vitality.png ring of Vitality {Regen HP+15}

Cloak of flash.png +3 cloak of Flash {+Fly EV+4}

Crown of eternal torment.png +3 crown of Eternal Torment {rTorment HP-- rN+++ SInv *Curse}

Sword of the doom knight.png +13 sword of the Doom Knight {pain, -Cast Will+}

Amulet of cekugob.png amulet of Cekugob {Dismiss -Tele rElec rPois rN++ AC+1 EV+1}

Urand talos.png +12 Armour of Talos {ponderous, rF+}

Mace of brilliance.png +1 eveningstar Brilliance {holy, rN+ AC+5 Int+5}

Scimitar of flaming death.png +6 scimitar of Flaming Death {flame, rPois rF++ rC- Will+}

Dagger of chilly death.png +9 dagger of Chilly Death {flash freeze, rPois rF- rC++ Will+}

Hat of the High Council.png +2 hat of the High Council {Archmagi, Wiz- Stlth-}

Longbow piercer.png +7 longbow "Piercer" {penet, EV-2}

Demon blade bloodbane.png +8 demon blade "Bloodbane" {slice, *Rage +Rage Stlth-}

Maxwell's etheric cage.png +0 Maxwell's etheric cage {RegenMP *Contam rElec MP+4}

Boots of the assassin.png +2 pair of boots of the Assassin {Detection Stab+ Stlth++}

Dagger morg.png +4 dagger "Morg" {pain, Will+ Int+5}