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Version 0.21: This article may not be up to date for the latest stable release of Crawl.
Spellbook.png Book of Air
Primary school Air
Rarity 4/20
A primer on the elemental magics of Air. Particularly dedicated students have found themselves convinced of their own ability to fly, with tragic results.

The Book of Air is the starting spell book for Air Elementalists.


Tile Spell Type Level
Shock.png a - Shock Air/Conjuration 1
Swiftness.png b - Swiftness Air/Charms 2
Static discharge.png c - Static Discharge Air/Conjuration 3
Airstrike.png d - Airstrike Air 4
Lightning bolt.png e - Lightning Bolt Air/Conjuration 5


Air Magic has a variety of applications, and this book is no exception:

  • Swiftness allows you to outrun most foes while zapping them with Shock, and tougher foes can usually be manoeuvred into position for a double-zap.
  • Airstrike is a useful spell for elemental specialists who lack the means to deal with enemies immune to their attacks, and is also useful for summoners, as they can fire past their summoned creatures without fear, and it is lethal to most flying nuisances, like harpies.
  • Lightning Bolt is the most powerful offensive spell in the book. Just be aware of how loud it is.
  • Finally, Static Discharge, while it can be dangerous to use, is quite powerful early on (more so when you are surrounded).

Further reading

The Book of the Sky contains more advanced Air Magic.


Prior to 0.20, this book had Repel Missiles instead of Airstrike.

Prior to 0.17, this book had the Flight spell, which was removed from the game.

Prior to 0.10, this book contained Levitation instead of Flight.

Prior to 0.9, this book contained Mephitic Cloud instead of Lightning Bolt.