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Version 0.17: This article may not be up to date for the latest stable release of Crawl.

Blind is a permanent status effect which causes the victim to treat the player and all other creatures as if they were invisible, whether or not they actually are. See invisible is rendered useless for the duration of the effect, but sense invisible is not; anything with sense invisible will function as normal.

In general, the effects of blindness are less dramatic than one might hope:

  • Blind attackers receive a 35% penalty to their to-hit rolls.
  • Blind ranged attackers will often target the wrong tile, potentially hitting other targets or missing entirely.
  • Anything with animal intelligence or worse will occasionally move as though confused, rather than pursuing or attacking you. Anything of normal intelligence or greater can still track you normally, however.
  • Blind enemies will be susceptible to stabbing attacks as though you were invisible.

You can blind opponents in the following ways:

  • Blindness is a possible effect of the following divine abilities:
    • Ru's Aura of Power and Apocalypse.
    • Zin's Recite (when used against heretics).


Dazzled is a similar condition which inflicts all the same penalties, but which only lasts for several turns.

You can dazzle opponents in the following ways:


During the brief period in which jesters existed, you could also temporarily blind monsters by hitting them with pies.