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Version 0.21: This article may not be up to date for the latest stable release of Crawl.
bat bBat.png
HP 2-5
HD 1
XP 1
Speed 30
AC 1
EV 14
Will 0
Attack1 1 (hit: plain)

Resistances None
Vulnerabilities None
Habitat Land
Intelligence Animal
Uses Uses nothing
Holiness Natural
Size Tiny
Type bat, bat
Flags See invisible
A large grey bat that, despite being herbivorous, is quite aggressive. It is myopic and uses echolocation to navigate.

“The sun was set; the night came on apace,
And falling dews bewet around the place;
The bat takes airy rounds on leathern wings,
And the hoarse owl his woeful dirges sings.”
-John Gay, Shepherd's Week, Wednesday; or, The Dumps.

“Ere the bat hath flown
His cloister'd flight.”
-William Shakespeare, _Macbeth_, III, 2, line 40. 1605.

Useful Info

Although weak, bats are one of most annoying creatures in the game. They move three times faster than the average player and aren't easy to hit, but do very little damage. Bats are only a threat to players on the brink of death.

Bats can be summoned with the Summon Small Mammals spell.

Tips & Tricks

  • Bats move very quickly and can perform multiple actions before the player can react, which means they can hit and move out of melee range between the player's actions. One way to minimize hits is to move away from them rather than toward them. They'll waste most of their turn approaching you and may end up next to you. This technique is very useful later on when dealing with monsters that are both fast and dangerous, such as unseen horrors.
  • Another way to deal with bats is to fight them in a corridor to restrict their movement. You can even trap the bat between yourself and another monster or a dead end to prevent the bat from moving.
  • Ranged weapons such as stones, and bows allow you to attack even when they fly a few spaces away, but characters without the appropriate skills will often miss.

Variant Bats

One particularly harmless-yet-annoying vault you can encounter (the aptly-named "goddamned_bats" vault) contains a wide variety of unique bats. They all have their own names, but for the most part their stats are only slightly different from those of standard bats.

Megabat.png Megabat

A huge black bat.

Microbat.png Microbat

A bat that, despite its name, is not any smaller than a megabat.

Gigabat.png Giga bat (has 4 HD and slightly improved stats)

A huge, bloated bat.

Vampire bat.png Vampire bat

A large black bat with vicious fangs that feeds on blood. This is the preferred form for vampires in disguise.

Simulacrum bat.png Ice bat (bat simulacrum)

An undead creature in the shape of a bat, made of ice.

Bat spectral.png Ghost faced bat (bat spectral thing)

Does this bat merely posses the visage of a ghost, or is it a ghost itself?

Fire bat.png Fire bat (with only 1 HD and reduced stats)

A bat whose leathery body burns with a hot flame.

Bat zombie.png Rotten bat (bat zombie)

I guess this bat is well past its sell-by date.

Bat skeleton.png Skeletal bat (bat skeleton)

A bat skeleton without the decency to lie unmoving like dead bats are supposed to.

Phase bat.png Phase bat (bat with the Blink spell)

A strange, glowing bat that seems to flutter through more dimensions than the average bat.


  • Prior to 0.13, the goddamned_bats vault also contained dwarf mountain bats and fruity bats.
  • Originally, these monsters were called giant bats. This was changed to megabats in 0.8, and in 0.9 they simply became bats.