Deep troll shaman

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Version 0.30: This article may not be up to date for the latest stable release of Crawl.

For a list of all trolls, see list of trolls.

deep troll shaman TDeep troll shaman.png
HP 31-64
HD 12
XP 876
Speed 10
AC 6
EV 10
Will 40
Attack1 27 (bite: plain)
Attack2 20 (claw: plain)
Attack3 20 (claw: plain)
Resistances None
Vulnerabilities Holy
Habitat Land
Intelligence Human
Uses Open doors
Holiness Natural
Size Large
Type troll, deep troll
Flags Evil
See invisible
A deep troll blessed with divine power to strengthen and hasten its kin.

“Buckshank bold and Elfinstone,
And more than I can mention here,
They caused to be built so stout a ship,
And unto Iceland they would steer.

They launched the ship upon the main,
Which bellowed like a wrathful bear;
Down to the bottom the vessel sank,
A laidly Trold has dragged it there.”
-George Borrow, _Lavengro: The Scholar, the Gypsy, the Priest_. 1851.

Useful Info

Deep troll shamans are dangerous support units, greatly enhancing the capabilities of their deep troll and deep troll earth mage allies. They are every bit as competent in melee as their uneducated brethren, but their real danger lies in their ability to quickly haste and might the other trolls they lead. They can be found in the Depths and the Vaults, as well as a Lair:5 end vault.


Spell set I
Slot1 Haste Other Priest flag
Slot2 Might Other Priest flag
Slot3 Minor Healing (2d6+3) Emergency flag,
Priest flag

Tips & Tricks

  • Deep troll shamans are by far the most dangerous members of any deep troll band, as even a single hasted, mighted deep troll can deal massive damage in melee. If the opportunity to do so presents itself, kill them first, and definitely avoid try to avoid getting surrounded.
  • If you find one in the Lair, note that it can't haste or might animals; shamans can only buff other trolls. For the Lair end vault, the shaman just serves as a moderately dangerous melee enemy. Curare darts, wands, etc. can work against it.


  • Prior to 0.13, deep troll shamans had the Haste spell.
  • Deep troll shamans were added in 0.12.