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Version 0.25: This article may not be up to date for the latest stable release of Crawl.
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This page refers to the spell. If you were looking for the card, see Foxfire card.

Foxfire.png Foxfire
Level 1
School1 Conjuration
School2 Fire
Source(s) Book of the Dragon
Book of Flames
Casting noise 1
Spell noise 2
Power Cap 25
Flags Selfench
Conjures two balls of burning swamp gas adjacent to the caster. The balls will rapidly seek the nearest monster and burn them. They will dissipate harmlessly if unable to reach a target or if the caster swaps places with them.

Foxfire is a Level 1 Conjurations/Fire Magic spell that conjures two foxfires in tiles next to the caster. These foxfires will seek out nearby monsters and deal minor fire damage to them; they will dissipate harmlessly if they spend 8 turns without impacting anything, leave your LOS, or you walk into them. Foxfires are very fast, can fly, and can see invisible.

Fire Elementalists start with Foxfire memorized.


Foxfire performs best when used in an open space with distance between you and your target; it can still work adequately when you have multiple monsters in your face, but it performs miserably when used in a corridor, as only one foxfire will be able to reach your target at best. If you run into monsters in a corridor that you need Foxfire to kill, either retreat to an open area or, failing that, stand in a corner or intersection so both foxfires have an open path to your targets.

Tips & Tricks

  • Like many fire spells, Foxfire creates steam when striking creatures that are in water, making it useful for fighting early swimming enemies like adders or electric eels.
  • Be wary about casting Foxfire around fire-resistant or -immune monsters, as foxfires make no effort to avoid foes they cannot harm.
  • Because foxfires technically count as creatures, this spell can help block line of effect to monsters with dangerous spells like Banishment, Petrify, Malmutate, or Orb of Destruction. However, this is not as effective as simply summoning a meat shield, as foxfires move quickly and erratically and disappear once they strike something.


Foxfire was added in 0.25.