Ice statue

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Version 0.30: This article may not be up to date for the latest stable release of Crawl.
ice statue 8Ice statue.png
HP 47-96
HD 8
XP 448
Speed 10 (stationary)
AC 12
EV 1
Will Immune

Resistances rC+++
Vulnerabilities Fire
Habitat Land
Intelligence Human
Uses Uses nothing
Holiness Non-living
Size Large
Type statue, ice statue
Flags Unbreathing
An imposing idol of some nameless arctic god, carved in glistening deep blue ice. Freezing vapours swirl about it, and a chill pervades the air.

Useful Info

Ice statues are stationary guardians which use assorted Ice Magic to kill you from a distance and summon ice beasts while you're in their LOS. Unlike normal statues, ice statues are immune to wands of digging . Instead, use fire or Lee's Rapid Deconstruction to make short work of them. They are commonly found in Ice Caves, and occasionally accompany Antaeus in the depths of Cocytus.


Spell set I
Slot1 Bolt of Cold (3d16) Magical flag
Slot2 Throw Icicle (3d16) Magical flag
Slot3 Freezing Cloud (2d17) Magical flag
Slot4 Summon Ice Beast Magical flag

Tips & Tricks

  • Cold resistance helps a lot here, as you'll be taking heavy damage from the statue's spells and its summoned ice beasts without it.
  • Fire Magic suggestions:
    • Statues are stationary, so you can hit them with Sticky Flame, blink away, and repeat the process when they stop melting. Starburst kills them even faster.
    • If you have Fireball, you don't even need to be in their LOS to hit them: stay around a corner and target an adjacent square.
  • Another way to destroy an ice statue without being in its LOS is to blow it up with Fulminant Prisms.
  • Those with Iron Shot and similar can make good use of it here, as ice statues have abysmal EV.
  • Characters without ranged options should pile on the cold resistance, then charge the statue from the closest available cover. Depending on your equipment and abilities, further buffing oneself or blinking into melee range may also be recommended.
  • Ice statues can't see invisible. Attacking them while invisible allows you to stab them and greatly reduces the odds of them casting anything at you.