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Version 0.31: This article is up to date for the latest stable release of Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup.
Jinxbite.png Jinxbite
Level 2
School1 Hexes
Source(s) Book of Misfortune
Book of Party Tricks
Casting noise 2
Spell noise 0
Power Cap 50
Range 1
Flags Wl check
Calls the attention of trickster spirits. While it holds, the spirits will follow up on the caster's attacks. If the spell overcomes victims' willpower, they will suffer minor damage and be drained by the sprites' playful malice.

Fae assistance is fickle, however; they cannot be beckoned unless a susceptible victim is visible, and will depart rapidly once no more remain. Calling on the fae also reduces the caster's own willpower for a time.

Jinxbite is a level 2 Hexes spell. It gives attacks some extra damage and drain status for a short time, but halves the caster's willpower for the duration.

Hexslingers start with this spell in their libraries.

Useful Info

Grants the Jinxbite (Jinx) status and lowered will (Will/2). Whenever you make an attack, even if you miss, there is a willpower-based chance to cause extra effects:[1]

  • Deal 2d(2 + power/25) irresistible damage (never misses, ignores AC).
  • Inflict the drain status for 3-5 turns.

Jinxbite triggers when attacking with melee, ranged weapons, and damaging Throwing implements. It can trigger against multiple targets when cleaving. It does trigger with Vhi's Electric Charge, but not with Manifold Assault.

This spell can only be cast if there are hostile monsters in line of sight. The Jinx status lasts for 9 + pow/4 to 15 + pow/4 turns.[2] However, Jinx ends if you spend 2 turns without any monsters in sight, regardless of the duration. The Will/2 status lasts for (duration of Jinx) + pow/4 to 15 + pow/4 turns,[3] and does not wear off when no monsters are in sight.

Note that although you can inflict draining with this spell, the good gods won't put you under penance for this. Also, Jinxbite can drain even undead monsters.


Jinxbite adds some damage and a useful debuff to hybrid-type characters. Heavy melee brutes shouldn't bother.

Because of the low power cap, Jinxbite isn't worth casting past the early game. As you progress, monsters will have too much willpower for this spell to be of any practical use.

Tips & Tricks

  • Since this spell lowers your willpower, watch out for monsters who have Hexes of their own. In the early game, this consists mostly of orc wizards and a few uniques like Sigmund and Grinder, though any monster can pick up a wand.


  • Jinxbite was introduced in 0.31.