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“The little princess, asleep in her cradle, floated on the water, and at last she was cast up on the shore of a beautiful country, where, however, very few people dwelt since the ogre Ravagio and his wife Tourmentine had gone to live there-for they ate up everybody. Ogres are terrible people. When once they have tasted raw human flesh they will hardly eat anything else, and Tourmentine always knew how to make some body come their way, for she was half a fairy.”

-Marie-Catherine Le Jumel de Barneville, Baronne d’Aulnoy, “’Orangier et l’Abeille”. 1697.

“NO. Layers. Onions have layers. Ogres have layers. Onions have layers. You get it? We both have layers.”
-Shrek. 2001.

Fatter than a troll, stronger than an orc, and towering above the goblin, the brutish ogre is kinfolk to all three, and fittingly serves as yet another one of these archetypal dungeon foes. As such, it's little surprise that ogreish variants can be found throughout the dungeon and its branches, clubbing all who dare cross paths with them.

Ogre type

O Ogre.png Ogre - While a bit of a glass cannon, ogres nonetheless remain one of the most dangerous early dungeon monsters. With little armour or evasion, their reputation comes backed up by the business end of the massive weapons they always carry.

O Two-headed ogre.png Two-headed ogre - An even more exaggerated form of ogre, they possess better defenses than a common ogre, and come with twice the devastating weaponry (in addition to the second head and signature stereo-shout).

O Ogre mage.png Ogre mage - Somewhat of a de facto leader to roving bands of ogres, ogre magi are particularly threatening in their ability to buff themselves and their kin and further complicate battles with their conjurations.

O Ironbound thunderhulk.png Ironbound thunderhulk - Brutish guardians of the Vaults, thunderhulks are ogres outfitted with arcane devices that allow them to call down lightning on intruders, though they cannot strike targets at close range.

Unique ogres

O Erolcha.png Erolcha - As a unique ogre mage, Erolcha comes with high-level spells and a chance of banishing players to the Abyss far before they are ready to survive there.

O Lodul.png Lodul - A unique ironbound thunderhulk. His lightning may be weaker, but Lodul and his gang of ogres wander around in the Dungeon instead of Vaults. Always carries a fair sum of gold.