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Version 0.30: This article may not be up to date for the latest stable release of Crawl.
A large concealed net launcher hanging from the dungeon's ceiling, enchanted by the powers of Zot to land only on intruders.
Net trap.png Net Trap
Difficulty 5
Ammo Infinite
Effect Held

The net trap is a trap which has a 33% chance to drop a throwing net on the player if any intelligent monster steps on it in the player's LOS. The trap always triggers if the player steps on it. If hit by the net, the victim becomes held and cannot move or attack until they break the net. The net cannot be recovered, even if you teleport out.

Tips & Tricks

  • Net traps can be dodged with high EV.
  • While moving and attacking are impossible while trapped in a net, you can still cast spells, use wands, drink potions, or read scrolls.
  • Blinking or teleporting out of the net frees you immediately. The Ru abilities, Draw Out Power and Power Leap, will do so too.
  • The slick slippers unrand grants immunity to net traps.

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  • Prior to 0.26, net traps could fire only once. Their nets didn't always mulch and could be picked up. Also, the trap always fired a net when any creature stepped on it.
  • Prior to 0.24, net traps had a chance of not triggering when the player stepped on them.
  • Prior to 0.23, net traps would only affect the creature that stepped into them. Also, their accuracy did not scale with floor depth.