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Version 0.31: This article is up to date for the latest stable release of Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup.
An unusually magical sort of stick.

"[The principle of selection] is the magician's wand, by means of which he may summon into life whatever form and mould he pleases."

-William Youatt, _Sheep: their breeds, management, and diseases; to which is added the Mountain Shepherd's Manual_, ch. III. 1837.

A wand is a magical device that contains several charges of a specific spell or effect.

Useful Info

Wands can be zapped with the V key (that is, eVoking it) to release a magical effect, costing one charge. When out of charges, the wand is destroyed. If you pick up multiple wands of the same type, they merge: their charges combine into one inventory slot.

For players, a wand's spell power equals 15 + 3.5 * Evocations[1], though this is still limited by the spell power caps for the spell cast.

Monsters may start with wands, or pick up them from the ground. For monsters zapping wands, their power is 30 + hit dice. Monsters do not consume charges when they use wands.

List of wands

Image Wand Description Max charges per instance[2][3] Type Monster version
Wand of acid.png Acid Fires a bolt of acid that may temporarily corrode targets 15 Beam
Wand of charming.png Charming Temporarily charms the target 15 Hex Confuses the player
Wand of digging.png Digging Creates a tunnel through rock walls 9 -
Wand of flame.png Flame Shoots a puff of flame at the target 32 -
Wand of iceblast.png Iceblast Creates a 3x3 explosion of cold damage that partially ignores cold resistance 15 Blast
Wand of light.png Light Fires a bolt of light that blinds the target. 24 Beam Confuses the player
Wand of mindburst.png Mindburst Deals damage to the target, no effect on mindless targets.
Ignores armour, but checks willpower.
24 -
Wand of paralysis.png Paralysis Temporarily paralyses the target 15 Hex
Wand of polymorph.png Polymorph Changes target into a random creature of similar strength 15 - Turns the player into a bad form
Wand of roots.png Roots Constricts the target; prevents movement
Deals increasing damage over time
15 Blast
Wand of quicksilver.png Quicksilver Fires a bolt of quicksilver that removes many status effects. 24 Beam

Item Types

Some wands may belong to an "item set", or type, of wand. Only one item from each type may generate in a specific game, though Artificers may start the game with wands that have not generated in a game.

Beam - highly damaging bolt

Blast - never misses, 3x3 area

Hex - status, checks willpower

High-tier wands

Some wands are considered too dangerous to be generated in the inventory of monsters with HD less than 5.[4] Monsters with the No high tier wand flag are also excluded. Ijyb is the exception to this rule. However, low HD monsters can still pick up these wands and use them normally starting from D:3.


Wand bone.png Wand brass.png Wand bronze.png Wand copper.png
Wand glass.png Wand gold.png Wand iron.png Wand ivory.png
Wand lead.png Wand plastic.png Wand silver.png Wand wood.png


  • Prior to 0.31, monsters would consume charges when using wands. Monsters could use wands of digging. Also, wands of light, quicksilver, and roots were not considered high-level wands.
  • In 0.29, the item set mechanic was introduced; wands of the same "type" are now mutually exclusive from each other. Also, monsters in general now deal less damage with "high tier" wands.
  • Prior to 0.28, the overall quantity of wand charges were much higher (charges were not halved past D:8). Eleionomae and fenstrider witches (native to the Swamp) did not drop wands, though.
  • Prior to 0.24, monsters couldn't use wands of iceblast, clouds, or scattershot.
  • Prior to 0.22, wands couldn't be used in many transformations.
  • In 0.21, wands were 'goldified'. Prior to this version:
    • They did not merge on pickup, so you could have separate wand items of the same type.
    • Wands had an unknown number of charges on pickup. This could be discovered by identifying the wand or by zapping the wand (dependent on Evocations skill). Zapping unID'd wands would waste charges.
    • Once all their charges were used, wands would remain inert in your inventory. Scrolls of recharging would recharge about half the wand's capacity.
  • Prior to 0.16, wands were not automatically identified when picked up. However, zapping a wand with an unknown number of charges did not waste any charges.
  • Prior to 0.15, wands weighed 10.0 aum each.

Added Wands

Removed Wands


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