Ring of magical power

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Version 0.17: This article may not be up to date for the latest stable release of Crawl.
Type Jewellery
Name Ring of magical power
Icon Ring of magical power.png
This ring increases its wearer's reserves of magical power.

Wearing a ring of magical power increases your max MP by 9. Due to the way that MP regeneration rates work, this increase in max MP also results in an increase in MP regeneration per turn. Note that the effects of multiple rings of magical power and the staff of power stack, but you'll eventually receive diminishing returns; any max MP over 50 will be halved, so 52 MP would be reduced to 51, 54 to 52, and so on.


The usefulness of an additional 9 MP varies from character to character. A spellcaster can greatly benefit from an early ring of magical power, but melee thugs in heavy armour will likely have no use for it unless they happen to have the spirit shield intrinsic from another source. Even if they master a few basic support spells, they rarely need large MP pools to fuel them.

Characters built around offensive or debilitating spells, however, can always use more MP, especially in the early game. The more ammunition you have before running dry, the better. Even characters with Sublimation of Blood or other forms of MP channeling benefit from lasting longer before they have to waste turns on MP recovery.

Even so, don't be afraid to eventually retire this ring for a spell enhancer or vital resistance. By the middle- and late-game, getting one or two more shots of a level 5+ attack spell might not be all that critical compared to some of your other options.

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