Robe of Night

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Version 0.30: This article may not be up to date for the latest stable release of Crawl.
A long black robe made of strange glossy material. It shrouds its wearer in darkness, reducing the range of vision. According to legend, it was the gift of Ratri the Goddess of the Night to one of her followers.

Robe of night.png the +5 robe of Night

+5 robe

+40 will
See Invisible
Line of sight radius reduced by 25% (final LOS rounded down)


For most species, the robe of Night[1] reduces line of sight by 2 tiles (only 1 tile for Kobolds). This is clearly useful for stabbers, as reduced LOS makes it easier to approach sleeping enemies.

Those who would wear a robe anyways may also want this item, as it has good enchantment and a nice willpower bonus. Whether the LOS reduction helps or hurts depends on the character: a ranged weapon user will find it less useful than a caster relying on low-range spells like Stone Arrow. In any case, you may prefer an armour with elemental resistances and/or higher AC.


  • Prior to 0.20, the robe of Night had a +4 enchantment.
  • Prior to 0.19, the robe of Night granted the ability to turn invisible and had a +50 stealth bonus.
  • Prior to 0.12, the robe of Night did not grant a passive Darkness effect.