Salamander tyrant

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Version 0.30: This article may not be up to date for the latest stable release of Crawl.

For a list of salamanders, see the List of salamanders.

salamander tyrant NSalamander tyrant.png
HP 44-90
HD 15
XP 770
Speed 10 (swim: 70%)
AC 5
EV 7
Will 60
Attack1 15 (hit: fire)

Resistances rF+++
Vulnerabilities Cold
Habitat Amphibious lava
Intelligence Human
Uses Open doors
Holiness Natural
Size Medium
Type naga, salamander
Flags Warm-blooded
An intimidating volcano lord. It commands the magma of its realm as an extension of its body, and the majesty of its gaze can weaken even the proudest challenger.

Useful info

Salamander tyrants are extremely dangerous foes guarding the Snake Pit against intruders. Their Eruption is a strong, smite-targeted attack which ignores EV and creates lava (blocking the player's retreat if they can't fly). Pyroclastic Surge can only be used if the player is on or adjacent to a lava tile. Also, they can weaken you (-25% melee damage) without using up their turn.


Spell set I
Slot1 Eruption (3d24) Wizard flag
Slot2 Pyroclastic Surge (3d24) Wizard flag
Slot3 Weakening Gaze Wizard flag,
Instant flag

Tips & Tricks

  • Try to avoid being near lava. When you're on/adjacent to lava, tyrants get a 2nd chance to cast a high-damage fire spell.[1]
    • Unfortunately, Eruption can create lava around you. Since it has a chance to create lava for each empty, adjacent tile, standing in a hallway reduces the chance of lava being created. However, unless you are flying, being in hallway increases your chance of getting trapped.
  • Having fire resistance will reduce their damage output significantly. Eruption ignores 50% of your fire resistance, though Pyroclastic Surge is affected normally by fire resistance.
  • Low-HP, high EV characters will find this enemy particularly lethal - but like most natural spellcasters, they are affected by Silence and waterlog.


  • Salamander tyrants were added in 0.27.


  1. mon-spell.h:1092 (0.30.1)
    Monsters have a X/200 chance to cast a spell (if it would do anything) - that's 50/200 (25%) for Pyroclastic Surge, and 20/200 (10%) for Eruption. So, when near lava, tyrants are 3.5x as likely to cast either of the two spells. Eruption can still be used if you're surrounded by lava, and being unable to cast Pyroclastic Surge doesn't make the other spells more likely.