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Version 0.28: This article may not be up to date for the latest stable release of Crawl.

This page is about the various naga monsters. For the player race, see naga.

It is strange and repulsive.

“Amongst the deities and Asuras and celestial Rishis, O amiable lady, the Nagas are endued with great energy. Possessed of great speed, they are endued again with excellent fragrance. They deserve to be worshipped. They are capable of granting boons. Indeed, we too deserve to be followed by others in our train. I tell thee, O lady, that we are incapable of being seen by human beings.”
-Mahābhārata, Santi Parva, Mokshadharma Parva, section CCCLX. ca. 500 B.C.
trans. Kisari Mohan Ganguli, 1883.

The nagas are a race of cruel snakemen who dwell in the Snake Pit, a side branch of the Lair. They move slowly and wear little armour, but carry heavy weapons, spit poison at you, and can constrict you with their muscular tails.

Naga Types

N Naga.png Naga - Lightly armored melee fighters who spit poison.

N Naga warrior.png Naga warrior- A more heavily armed and armored naga that can inspire its brethren in combat.

N Naga ritualist.png Naga ritualist- Odd nagas whose occult magics can intensify the effects of poison in their foes. They command beds of snakes.

N Naga sharpshooter.png Naga sharpshooter- Keen-eyed snakemen who pelt you with Portal Projectiles from behind their kin.

N Naga mage.png Naga mage- Skilled venom mages that can concentrate the natural venom of other creatures into deadly curare.

N Nagaraja.png Nagaraja- A champion naga that combines the best traits of naga warriors and magi, these leaders guard the serpentine rune of Zot.

Unique Naga

N Vashnia.png Vashnia- An exceptionally skilled naga markswoman who uses her magic to keep enemies in the perfect position for her firing squad.

Salamander Types

Closely related to nagas, salamanders are similar in form but have a great affinity for the magma in which they dwell.

N Salamander.png Salamander- Odd, lava-dwelling creatures that attack passersby with flaming polearms or bows.

N Salamander mystic.png Salamander mystic- Fiery casters who harness the power of flames to harm their foes and support their allies.

N Salamander tyrant.png Salamander tyrant- Serpentfolk capable of commanding the raw power of a volcano in combat. Their gaze can weaken their foes.

Retired Nagas and Salamanders

N Lamia.png Lamia- The beautiful, cannibalistic queen of the naga race, she was an accomplished warrior and spellcaster.

N Salamander firebrand.png Salamander firebrand- Swift-moving salamanders whose fiery strikes ignited the air around their enemies.

N Salamander stormcaller.png Salamander stormcaller- Salamanders with knowledge of esoteric chants capable of unleashing a storm of fire upon their foes.


  • Salamander tyrants were added in 0.27.
  • Salamander firebrands were removed in 0.18.
  • Salamander stormcallers were added in 0.17 and removed in 0.19.
  • Lamia was added in 0.12 and removed in 0.14.
  • Salamander mystics, salamander firebrands, naga ritualists, naga sharpshooters and Vashnia were added in 0.14.