Scroll of holy word

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Obsolete: This article refers to an aspect of the game which has been removed. It is retained for historical reference only.
Type Scroll
Name scroll of holy word
Icon Scroll of holy word.png
A scroll that calls on the good gods to cause great damage to any nearby undead or demonic creature — possibly including the reader! It will briefly daze monsters that are affected.

Reading a scroll of holy word will daze for 10-19 turns[1] and deal 3d15 + 1d20 - 1 damage[2] to all undead and demonic targets in your line of sight. If you read this scroll and you are Undead or Demonspawn, your hit points will be halved, as if you read a scroll of torment.

Deliberately reading this scroll will anger Yredelemnul (but not Kikubaaqudgha).


  • Similar to a scroll of torment, reading this scroll as a Demonspawn or while undead will halve your hit points, but unlike its effect upon undead or demonic monsters, it will never kill the player outright.
  • Much like scrolls of torment, scrolls of holy word are largely situational. They can be useful in undead/demon-heavy branches like Crypt, Tomb, the Hells, or Pandemonium, but are otherwise more likely to be taking up space in your inventory.
    • Regardless of how many runes you'll be getting, the fact that demons and pandemonium lords spawn in the orb run always gives some value to holy word.
  • While their damage output is somewhat mediocre in said late-game areas, the fact that scrolls of holy word can daze opponents and (unlike scrolls of torment) cause no backlash damage to most species help make up for that lack.


  • Scrolls of holy word were removed in 0.29. The holy word effect still exists from Zin's Recite, the Shining One's weapon blessing, and the Torment card (when used against torment-immune species).
  • Prior to 0.15, these scrolls also scared targets, and the good gods made these scrolls more powerful for their followers.
  • Prior to 0.14, reading an unknown scroll of holy word would anger your own Yredelemnul servants.


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