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Version 0.30: This article may not be up to date for the latest stable release of Crawl.
Makes a targeted creature unwilling to move away from the caster. Leaving the caster's line of sight will end the effect.

Mesmerise is a status and monster-only spell which causes you to find the caster irresistibly fascinating. If the spell beats your willpower, you are unable to move away from the caster, and become unable to berserk. You can still attack, make non-movement actions, and "uncontrolled" movement (e.g. the Blink spell) as normal. Mesermise does not require line of fire to affect you.

Methods for Breaking Mesmerisation

You can end the mesmerise status in the following ways:

  • Killing the source of the mesmerisation.
  • Losing line of sight to the caster (steam and scrolls of fog work well for this, as does walking behind any opaque wall)
  • Uncontrolled blinking or teleporting beyond the caster's line of sight. A scroll of blinking does not work for getting away. But you can blink closer to the monster mesmerising you, which might be useful when the caster is hiding behind other enemies.

The following methods only work if the source of mesmerisation is not the obsidian axe:

  • Polymorphing the source of mesmerisation.
  • Disabling the source of mesmerisation (confusion, petrification, fear, etc.).
  • Having enough time pass without the caster renewing the effect. Note that if you are currently mesmerised by a particular monster, you will always fail to resist any attempt at mesmerisation from that monster.
  • Reading a scroll of silence or casting Silence, provided the source of mesmerisation is within your silence radius.


The following enemies cast Mesmerise:

The spells Siren Song and Avatar Song can also mesmerise you, cast by the following monsters:

In addition, the obsidian axe causes you to be mesmerised against any enemy in LOS.