Tukima's Studio

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Version 0.29: This article may not be up to date for the latest stable release of Crawl.
A marble floor of white and silver, with shades of pink here and there.

Tukima's Studio is a beautiful mirror-lined hall of black and white marble. This Wizard Laboratory is filled with the results of her experiments with enchanted weaponry.


As this is one of the smaller wizlabs, you won't need much preparation to deal with the contents if all you're doing is going in, getting the treasure, and getting out, with one significant exception: the strange machines can summon clones of the player

The rest of the vault isn't terribly dangerous. Heavily armoured melee-oriented characters should be able to overpower the dancing weapons without too much trouble, if fighting on an isolated and individual basis; just watch out for ones with particularly dangerous brands. Casters should use non-elemental Conjurations, direct attack Earth Magic, or Airstrike.

Other than the dancing weapons, which include rarer ranged weapons like triple crossbows, loot includes artefact armour and a phantom mirror.


( Dancing weapon.png Dancing weapon R Rakshasa.png Rakshasa
; Walking crystal tome.png Walking crystal tome ; Walking frostbound tome.png Walking frostbound tome ; Walking earthen tome.png Walking earthen tome ; Walking divine tome.png Walking divine tome

Two strange machines will spawn at the end.


( Dancing weapon.png Dancing weapons - Much like the Hall of Blades, Tukima's Studio abounds with dancing weaponry. The weapons vary greatly in threat level depending on their type and brand - a dancing short sword of venom isn't going to be much of a threat, but a battleaxe of distortion could ruin your whole day. All dancing weapons have heavy elemental resists, high speed, high AC, and high EV, making them substantial threats. Near the end of the level, dancing ranged weapons come into play.

; Walking crystal tome.png Walking crystal tomes - Walking tomes of all types scatter the Studio; from rapidly throwing out living Lehudib's Crystal Spears to Smitings. They may not have the same resistances as a dancing weapon, but they can still take a fair hit.

Strange machine

A mechanical contraption, all hisses and pops. Shadows seem to dance across its reflective surface.

Tukima's machine.png The central chamber at the end of the studio holds two strange machines, which summon deadly creatures.


Player clones are essentially the same as the ones generated by Mara, or more specifically, a player ghost based on your character. It will know many of your spells, have all your melee and defensive capacities, and will benefit from any buffs you currently have active. Fighting it in a straight one-on-one duel would be risky; fighting it with multiple dancing weapons around is generally a Very Bad Idea. As such, the best approach to dealing with a player clone is generally not to deal with it at all.

It is entirely possible to deal the generator lethal damage before it can summon a player clone. If you fail to do so, teleporting away and returning when you're better prepared is a perfectly acceptable idea; the clone will vanish after enough time has passed. Buffs will help kill the machine faster, but be aware of how it'll effect your clones.

One effective tactic is to be invisible. The generators can't see invisible, and thus cannot clone you while you are invisible, making the whole experience significantly less threatening.


Tukima minimap 29.png

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  • This wizlab was reintroduced in 0.28.
  • This laboratory was removed in 0.17. The old version had strange machines, which would blink you, and strange generators, which would create branded dancing weapons.
  • Prior to 0.14, this wizlab was rather different. Randomly-placed dancing weapons outside of the Hall of Blades lacked brands, making the vault much safer, but also much less profitable. There were also quite a few more doors and nearly no strange machines in the paths to each chamber, the doors of which could be closed against the dancing weapons; most notably, with a shift in the strange generator's placement, all of its weapons could be safely ignored by leaving a select door closed and seeking out other entrances. Finally, the rewards contained a scroll of acquirement instead of an acquirement-level item and four scrolls of blinking.