Tukima's Studio

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Obsolete: This article refers to an aspect of the game which has been removed. It is retained for historical reference only.

A marble floor of white and silver, with shades of pink here and there.

Tukima's Studio is a beautiful mirror-lined hall of black and white marble. This Wizard Laboratory is filled with the results of her experiments with enchanted weaponry, including an automated device that creates further branded dancing weapons.

Initially, the studio branches off into three paths, all of which are partially blocked by strange machines (see below) and lead to a central chamber with a strange generator that periodically creates dancing weapons. Diagonal passageways that possibly include doors lead to to two separate loot chambers, each of which contains another strange machine and dancing weapon.

The bulk of the loot in this area is comprised of the various dancing weapons you encounter (all of which you must defeat before you can pick them up). The two treasure rooms contain a modest sum of gold, the book of Enchantments, an acquirement-level item, and four pre-identified scrolls of blinking.

As this is one of the smaller wizlabs, you won't need much preparation to deal with the contents if all you're doing is going in, getting the treasure, and getting out. Heavily armoured melee-oriented characters should be able to overpower the dancing weapons without too much trouble, if fighting on an isolated and individual basis; just watch out for ones with particularly dangerous brands. Casters should use non-elemental Conjurations, direct attack Earth Magic, or Airstrike.


( Dancing weapon.png Dancing weapons - Much like the Hall of Blades, Tukima's Studio abounds with dancing weaponry. The weapons vary greatly in threat level depending on their type and brand - a dancing short sword of venom isn't going to be much of a threat, but a battleaxe of distortion could ruin your whole day. All dancing weapons have heavy elemental resists, high speed, high AC, and high EV, making them substantial threats.

Strange Machines

A glistening silver machine.

"The machine had stood there a long time. It was several hundred feet long and could run on a thimbleful of earth or water. It had been working seven and a half million years."
-Sweet Their Blood and Sticky, Albert Teichner

8 Strange machine.png Blocking the way through the level and inside the two side-chambers containing loot are these special statues, derived from the same base as other vault statues like warrior statues.

HP: 70
HD: 13
Spells: Blink Other
They are only capable of blinking the player around, possibly past them and thus cutting off an escape path, while stalling for the strange generator and dancing weapons to kill you.

Strange Generator

A mechanical contraption, all hisses and pops, ready to dispense dancing weapons at any moment.

Tukima's machine.png The central chamber at the end of the studio holds an indestructible strange generator. This device produces a wandering dancing weapon every 600 to 900 aut four times before going inert ("The generator hisses, and spits out a dancing weapon!").


The strange generator is on M, the strange machines on 789, and dancing weapons are on 0. The statues on 8 and 9 are on top of the non-weapon loot. The xXlLyYrR glyphs represent potential path points, randomized on generation. The entry point is on A, the exit on <, stone on c, translucent rock on m, and floor on .

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This wizlab will be reintroduced in 0.28.

This laboratory was removed in 0.17.

Prior to 0.14, this wizlab was rather different. Randomly-placed dancing weapons outside of the Hall of Blades lacked brands, making the vault much safer, but also much less profitable. There were also quite a few more doors and nearly no strange machines in the paths to each chamber, the doors of which could be closed against the dancing weapons; most notably, with a shift in the strange generator's placement, all of its weapons could be safely ignored by leaving a select door closed and seeking out other entrances. Finally, the rewards contained a scroll of acquirement instead of an acquirement-level item and four scrolls of blinking.