Walking frostbound tome

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Version 0.30: This article may not be up to date for the latest stable release of Crawl.
walking frostbound tome ;Walking frostbound tome.png
HP 66-133
HD 20
XP 1652
Speed 10
AC 10
EV 10
Will Immune
Attack1 20 (hit: cold)

Resistances rC+
Vulnerabilities Fire
Habitat Land
Intelligence Brainless
Uses Uses nothing
Holiness Non-living
Size Small
Type walking tome, frostbound tome
A spellbook that has gone too long without being read. It overflows with magic, forming thick armour from its binding, legs from its pages, and periodically erupting in flurries of free-floating, self-casting spells.

It glistens with a thick layer of unmelting ice.

Useful Info

Walking frostbound tomes conjure living Iceblast spells. In addition to their spells, frostbound tomes can deal up to 60 additional cold damage in melee. Walking tomes are most often seen in the Depths and the wizlab, Tukima's Studio.


Spell set I
Slot1 Conjure Living Spells (2-3x 3d26) Wizard flag

Tips & Tricks

  • Cold resistance definitely helps, though Iceblast ignores 50% of cold resistance.
  • Living spells work similarly to the player Foxfire spell. It creates a living spell entity, which must have a direct path to a hostile target. If you are in melee range with a tome in a corridor, most of the living spells will be unable to hit you. But unlike the foxfire spell, living spells can spawn behind the player (radius-2 of the walking tome), so a corridor is not foolproof.
    • You can attack a living spell, which will destroy it before it gets the chance to cast itself. Most types of AOE attacks can destroy a few spells while damaging the tome in the process.
  • Silence works on walking tomes, preventing them from creating living spells.


  • Prior to 0.30, walking tomes could use Conjure Living Spells when silenced.
  • Walking tomes were added in 0.28.