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Version Unknown: This article may not be up to date for the latest stable release of Crawl.

Attack flavour is the type of damage or effect caused by a monster's melee attack.

Flavour Description
Mutate Has a 25% chance of polymorphing the defender (or mutating, in the case of the player).
Poison, medium poison, strong poison, nasty poison See poison types for the specifics.
Poison strength, dexterity, intelligence, stat If not resistant to poison, the defender has a 33% chance of temporarily losing a point of the affected stat.
Drain strength, dexterity, intelligence The defender has a chance of temporarily losing a point of the affected stat. The chance of the drain effect happening is 33% (5% if the attack did no damage), with an additional check against life protection.
Rot The defender has a chance of receiving 2-4 points of rot. If the melee attack did more than 2 points of damage, this chance is 33%; otherwise, it is 5%.
Sickness The defender is sickened for 5-14 turns.
Fire Adds hit dice + 1d(hit dice) - 1 fire damage and can burn your scrolls.
Cold Adds hit dice + 1d(hit dice*2) - 1 cold damage and can freeze your potions.
Electricity Adds hit dice + 1d(hit dice/2) - 1 electrical damage.
Vampiric draining Will heal the attacker for 1d(damage inflicted), if the defender is cold-blooded or warm-blooded. Against bloodless defenders, it still does normal damage, but without the healing effect.
Hunger Will reduce the defender's satiety by 25%, outright. If the attack does no damage, the effect only has a 5% chance of happening.
Blink The attacker has a 33% chance of blinking with a successful hit.
Confuse Has a 33% chance of attempting to confuse the defender (10% if the attack did less than 3 points of damage). Duration is 1d(hit dice + 3) / 10 turns, rounded up, with a cumulative maximum of 4 turns.
Drain XP Has a 50% chance of attempting to drain experience (or hit dice, in the case of monsters); a 3% chance if the damage done is less than 6 points; and a 33% chance if the attack normally does no damage (i.e., "touch").
MR Vuln Has a 33% chance of lowering the defender's magic resistance by a set amount. If the defender is already so afflicted, it instead increases the duration of the effect.
Paralyze If not resistant to poison, the defender may be slowed, or sometimes paralyzed, for 1d3 turns.
Acid The defender is hit with a level 3 acid splash. In the case of the spiny worm, this attack also imparts 1d4+1 levels of poison to any non-resistant defenders.
Distortion This is equivalent to being hit by a weapon with the distortion brand.
Rage The defender has a 33% chance of going berserk, if it is capable of doing so.
Napalm Has a 33% chance of hitting the defender with Sticky Flame (5% if the attack did less than 3 points).
Steal Will steal one item from inventory (affects players only).
Steal food Will consume one or more items of food from your inventory – or on the ground, if you are standing on any food.
Crush This always accompanies the constrict attack type.
Holy Does an additional 75% damage against evil and unholy targets. This is similar to the holy wrath weapon brand, but without a random component.
Antimagic Equivalent to the antimagic brand.
Pain Equivalent to the pain brand.
Ensnare If the attack does any damage, it has a 50% chance of hitting the defender with a web.
Chaos Changes flavour with every attack, to one of the following:
Klown Random flavour chosen from the following:


In 0.14 the af_klown attack flavor will choose from the following types: strong poison, pain, drain speed, fire, cold, electric, and anti-magic.