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In [[0.14]] cloud spells won't be able to place clouds outside of the caster's [[line of site|LOS]], and clouds will dissipate much faster out of LOS.
In [[0.14]] cloud spells won't be able to place clouds outside of the caster's [[line of sight|LOS]], and clouds will dissipate much faster out of LOS.
[[Category:Dungeon Features]]
[[Category:Dungeon Features]]
[[Category:Crystal Ball Articles]]
[[Category:Crystal Ball Articles]]

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Version 0.13: This article may not be up to date for the latest stable release of Crawl.

Clouds are temporary dungeon features which occupy tiles. They usually cause damage or status effects to anything which occupies the tiles they are in, though some of them do nothing more than block LOS. They come in a variety of elemental flavors, can be created in many different ways, and can be potent weapons if handled properly. Clouds will dissipate on their own in time, but some areas will perpetually generate new clouds.

Cloud Varieties


Clouds of flame are tiles which have caught on fire. They deal fire damage to anything standing in them, and can ignite trees in neighboring tiles. Weak intelligent monsters will avoid walking through them, but strong or mindless monsters will charge through, taking damage each turn. Firing an Ice Magic spell through them will put them out. They can be created with the Conjure Flame spell, the Ignite Poison spell, using a red draconians breath attack, using Trog's Burn Books ability, being a demonspawn with Ignite Blood 3, and by igniting bushes or trees with a powerful Fire Magic spell.

  • Damage per turn: 10 + (3d23)/3 to the player; 6 + (3d16)/3 to the monsters (affected by fire resistance)


Freezing clouds are tiles filled with brutally cold mist. They function almost identically to flame clouds, except that the damage they deal is cold and they don't have any effects against trees. They can be created with the Freezing Cloud spell, by using Ice Magic over a body of water, or by destroying a simulacrum. Miscasting some Ice Magic spells can also create clouds of freezing vapour.

  • Damage per turn: 10 + (3d23)/3 to the player; 6 + (3d16)/3 to the monsters (affected by cold resistance)


Mephitic clouds are tiles filled with noxious fumes, and are often used by casters to defeat poison-vulnerable enemies; anything caught in one is confused for several turns. The most common sources are the Mephitic Cloud spell, and a green draconian's breath attack, although they can also be created by some miscasts.


Poison clouds are tiles filled with poison gas. Anything caught in one will take damage and be poisoned. For even more damage, use the Ignite Poison spell to immediately convert these into flame clouds. These are generally created by the Poisonous Cloud spell, although some miscasts can also create them..


Steam clouds are tiles full of scaldingly hot mist. These do minor damage, but very few things are resistant to it. Also, the clouds block LOS. Any area that has lava exposed to water will emit an endless amount of steam. You can create them yourself by using Fire Magic over water, or with a pale draconian's breath attack.


Miasma clouds are extremely dangerous banks of corrupt fog. Anything caught in one will be slowed, poisoned, and rotted. They are extremely useful in combat, so long as you don't get caught in the blast yourself. They can be found in the undead version of Swamp:5, created with the Corpse Rot spell or the Foul Stench demonspawn mutation, and death drakes will breathe them at you.


Mutagenic clouds are fogs of chaotic energies which distort anything they touch. They mutate players and polymorph monsters each turn spent within one. It is usually only found in vaults. The mutations it gives are heavily biased towards being negative. Mutation resistance will block them with a 90% chance.


Mostly seen from killing chaos spawn, these clouds will act like a chaos brand if you step in them.


This goes by a variety of names, such as smoke, fog, mist, or colored fog. All do nothing but look pretty and block LOS. It is naturally found in some areas (e.g. mist in Swamp, smoke near lava, etc), can be created by a scroll of fog or the unrandart Cloak of the Thief, and can appear via miscasts, Xom, and a few other sources. Xom may also cause you to trail colored fog from time to time.

While stepping in these clouds has no effect, blocking LOS can sometimes be a lifesaver, as it will stop most monsters from casting spells at you.


In 0.14 cloud spells won't be able to place clouds outside of the caster's LOS, and clouds will dissipate much faster out of LOS.