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Trunk-only: This article pertains to a feature of Crawl which is being tested. It will likely change before the next release, and may even be removed entirely.
This page is a stub. You could probably expand this page should you wish to do so.
entropy weaver pEntropy weaver.png
HP 39-104
HD 13
Speed 10
AC 7
EV 13
MR 60
Attack1 17 (hit: plain)
Attack2 17 (hit: plain)
Attack3 17 (hit: plain)
Attack4 17 (hit: plain)
Type of Meat Clean
Resistances None
Vulnerabilities None
Habitat Land
Intelligence Normal
Uses Uses nothing
Holiness Natural
Size Medium
Type entropy weaver, entropy weaver
Flags Fighter
No skeleton
A gaunt humanoid creature covered in a flaking, pale chitin. Its spindly limbs are capable of startlingly quick movement and end in razor-sharp talons. These creatures know a slow and ancient chant that temporarily accelerates the aging process of a foe's weapon and armour, corroding them badly.

Useful Info

Entropy weavers are potentially devastating arachnoid casters which, if allowed to use their powerful magic, can inflict massive amounts of corrosion, rendering a character extremely weak and vulnerable. They can be found in the Spider's Nest, the Vaults, and the Depths, usually accompanied by several lesser arachnids.

Spells: Chant Word of Entropy

Tips & Tricks

  • Their Chant Word of Entropy spell requires 3 turns to cast, and renders the weaver immobile until the spell is complete, allowing you several turns to disable them before the spell lands. Silence and confusion can accomplish this, as can killing them before they manage to finish, but it may be wiser to blink away first. If there's a rock you can hide behind to break line of sight, this works just as well.
  • If they do land their spell, don't expect to be effective in melee for quite some time. They and their allies will be tremendously dangerous at this point, so a teleport (preferably a controlled one) to safety may be the best course of action.


Entropy weavers will be added in 0.17.