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Version 0.31: This article is up to date for the latest stable release of Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup.
The crumbling, web-choked caverns of the Spider Nest are packed with poisonous arthropods and assorted creepy-crawlies.

A dungeon features only one of the Spider Nest and Snake Pit branches.

The entrance to this branch can be found between levels 2 and 3 of the Lair of Beasts.

This branch is 4 levels deep.

This branch contains the gossamer rune of Zot.

Spider entry.png The Spider's Nest branch is a crumbling 4-floor branch filled with all manner of poisonous arachnids and insects. Adventurers willing to brave it are rewarded with the gossamer rune of Zot on its lowest floor.

Spider's entrance is located between Lair:2 and Lair:3. If you find Spider, you will not find Snake Pit in your current game.


In general, Spider's floor plan is chaotic and haphazard. Like the Lair, but cramped, it's filled with narrow tunnels and large caverns. Choke points are uncommon, giving swift monsters many opportunities to surround you. Webs and pools of shallow water are common.

Do not underestimate the final vault on Spider:4 — not only is it full of more dangerous creatures, but a moth of wrath can turn a posse of jumping spiders, wolf spiders, and emperor scorpions into a deadly tide of chitin extremely quickly.

Monster Description

This branch is teeming with 'common' spiders, like redbacks and tarantellas. Fast, evasive enemies in great numbers, they'll swarm you in no time. Thankfully, these spiders have no resistances, low AC, minimal willpower, and are vulnerable to poison, so many crowd-control options are effective (see below for a list).

You'll find many tougher threats interspersed throughout the crowd. The likes of entropy weavers, broodmothers, and jorogumo are strong on their own, and even worse when combined with a pack of spiders. Demonic crawlers regenerate extremely quickly; you'll need high damage/turn (or a way to disable them). Casters should be especially weary of ghost moths, naturally invisible monsters who'll quickly drain your MP.

There are also many "buffing" enemies, including torpor snails (slow you), pharaoh ants (cast Bind Souls on death, turning killed spiders into simulacrum), and moths of wrath (berserk others, turning even redbacks into powerful melee threats).


Poison resistance is very helpful. The common redback can deal 33 - 58 HP worth of poison per hit, and each spider can move twice per player turn. If you don't have rPois, be prepared to use many potions of curing.

Crowd-control options that work particularly well against spiders:

Useful Traits



s Redback.png Redback s Tarantella.png Tarantella s Jumping spider.png Jumping spider s Culicivora.png Culicivora B Boulder beetle.png Boulder beetle
s Orb spider.png Orb spider s Wolf spider.png Wolf spider s Demonic crawler.png Demonic crawler w Steelbarb worm.png Steelbarb worm w Torpor snail.png Torpor snail
B Pharaoh ant.png Pharaoh ant B Entropy weaver.png Entropy weaver B Radroach.png Radroach y Moth of wrath.png Moth of wrath y Ghost moth.png Ghost moth
s Emperor scorpion.png Emperor scorpion s Broodmother.png Broodmother H Jorogumo.png Jorogumo y Spark wasp.png Spark wasp y Meliai.png Meliai
y Sun moth.png Sun moth B Death scarab.png Death scarab


i Agnes.png Agnes S Aizul.png Aizul H Arachne.png Arachne H Asterion.png Asterion
R Azrael.png Azrael d Bai Suzhen.png Bai Suzhen @ Donald.png Donald @ Frances.png Frances
g Jorgrun.png Jorgrun @ Josephine.png Josephine @ Kirke.png Kirke @ Louise.png Louise
R Mara.png Mara @ Nikola.png Nikola 8 Roxanne.png Roxanne @ Rupert.png Rupert


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